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RTG Plans for 2022

Hello, friends!

In January, R. Talsorian Games held its annual planning summit, where we came together from across the country to take stock of all our projects and work out the plan for 2022!

We know you’ve been waiting for word on what’s going on and we thank you for your patience. Hopefully it is rewarded today as we talk about what’s planned for Cyberpunk RED and The Witcher TTRPG. Announcements and information about other games and licensed products might come later in the year but for now we’re going to focus on in-house projects for our most active lines.

Please keep in mind nothing is final until projects are back from the printer and ready to ship. Plans, ideas, concepts, and dates may change depending on circumstances beyond our control. These days those circumstances can range from supply chain problems to disease to weather events so we appreciate your understanding.

Cyberpunk RED

We have four major Cyberpunk RED projects planned for release in 2022.

Tales of the RED is a mission compilation with work by Mike Pondsmith, Jay Parker, Fran Stewart, Melissa Wong, Trace Wilson, and Monica Valentinelli. Each mission will be focused in Night City and can be played independently or strung together as part of a larger campaign. In addition to the missions themselves, GMs and players will find a few goodies to bring out into play when the job’s done.

We’re working to get Tales of the RED out for sale in the Spring of 2022.

We know everyone’s excited about Black Chrome! We are, too! This book about “stuff and how you get it” will talk about the economy in the Time of the Red and offer new insights into the Night Markets of 2045. Plus, of course, it’ll provide plenty of gorgeously illustrated weapons, armor sets, vehicles, cyberwear, fashions, apps, linear frames, and items to boost your Cyberpunk RED campaign.

Art’s in progress (there’s a LOT of it!) and we’re aiming to push Black Chrome out the door in the Summer of 2022.

For the winter (Q4) of 2022, RTG is planning on two releases and both are new announcements today.

First, there’s the Danger Gal Dossier. Night City’s full of dangerous characters and the detective agency known as Danger Gal likes to keep track of them all. Some of them might be enemies. Others might be allies. Whichever is true, Danger Gal Dossier will give you profiles, including biographical info and stat blocks, for a wide range of characters to add to your campaign. Use them as written or as templates for your own NPCs.

The second winter 2022 offering will be Rogue’s Street Weapons. Morgan Blackhand might be MIA but the Queen of the Afterlife, Rogue, is picking up where he left off. Rogue’s Street Weapons will be a deck of “gear cards” containing 108 weapons, weapon attachments, and ammo types to help you skip the flip and speed up gameplay. Each card will contain full stats and, when applicable, the range table for the weapon in question. This deck will cover the weapons, weapon attachments, and ammunition found in the core rulebook as well as our DLC up through The 12 Days of Gunmas. We’re hoping Rogue’s Street Weapons starts a trend and a second deck, featuring weapons from our 2022 releases, can follow.

Speaking of our monthly, free DLC, we’ll keep bringing that to you! We just released Hardened Mini Bosses in January. Future topics will include dating in the Time of the Red, things that go boom, at least one in-depth hangout spot, and the continuation of both the hardened and living spaces series. We’ll also be releasing Interface RED Volume 2 and, possibly, Volume 3 at some point in the year. Interface RED will most likely shift to a digital & PoD version only but each volume will still contain new articles never before released.

The Witcher TTRPG

The big news for The Witcher TTRPG this year is Tome of Chaos. That’s our supplement on everything magic in the World of the Witcher. We know you’ve been waiting on this one so here’s a status update. Currently, Tome of Chaos is in what we call the reconciliation process. We’ve sent it to our licensor, CD Projekt Red, for approval. They’ve sent it back with requested changes. Now we’re working with them to address their requests and make the changes properly without altering the integrity of the book as a whole. The process should be done soon and then the book heads off to the printer for a spring 2022 release date.

We’re also looking at a fall/winter 2022 product as well but aren’t quite ready to talk about it yet. We can say it isn’t the previously mentioned Rodolf’s Guide to the Continent. Currently, that book is on hold as we work with CDPR on the absolute metric ton of background lore it requires. We still intend to put the book out but the world of The Witcher is growing and we would hate to provide important information only to have it be outdated later. We’re big into lore matching lore and know you are, too.

Cody’s also asked us to inform everyone of his intention to begin releasing Witcher TTRPG DLCs more often beginning in the spring of 2022. Much like our Cyberpunk RED DLCs, the Witcher TTRPG DLCs will allow us to present short articles containing new gear, NPCs, and other ideas to help boost your game while we continue to work on bigger products.


Finally, we’re keeping our convention schedule light this year but we will be attending a few shows.

If you’re a retailer, media outlet, or part of the industry, you’ll find us at the GAMA Expo 2022 in Reno from March 14th thru the 18th.

We’ll have a booth and a room for running games at Gen Con 2022 from August 4th thru August 7th in Indianapolis.

And we’ll be manning our booth and running games at PAX Unplugged 2022 in Philadelphia. No dates yet but most likely in December.

That’s all for now! We’ll be working to bring you previews of all our projects as we work on them as well as new DLC each month, so please keep checking back on our site for more news and updates.

Until next time, keep your swords sharp and stay safe on The Street.

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  1. Hi Talsorian team! I would love to see some DLC like Siege weapons, witcher armors (saw in the games) and the Wild Hunt. What you think?

  2. Hey there, love the new roadmap! I am so happy to see the new plans and products!

    I am curious though, it’s been quite some since there’s been a “From The Mayor’s Desk” published on the Cyberpunk site, and I know that there’ve been many people anticipating more answers to so many questions for CPRED. Any idea if this feature will be continued or if it’s shelved for the time being?

    • Right now the best place to see James answering questions is the YouTube channel of JonJontheWise. We recommend it! Beyond that, currently James is working hard on our release schedule.

  3. Hi, RTG staff! Beside linear frames fro Cyberpunk, will we see also a return of the Full Body Conversions? It would be also ok to see a conversion table, just like the one you made for the old guns (as far as I learnt there are no longer SP and SPD for cyberlimbs, thus I assume there are some adjustments needed). Thanks!

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