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Cyberpunk 2020 Missions: The Crate Chronicles

Hey Everyone! Looking for a short mission to run for your players? In a bit of a dead space, plot wise? Well here is the first in a series of Missions called the Crate Chronicles!

It’s been a long day -hell. a long week- and the stresses and strains of Night City have taken their toll. It’s a good thing the bars are cheap. At least that’s what you thought. You’re probably used to passing out, drunk, and waking up somewhere you didn’t plan on being. But this is a new venue. Darkness. Pure, darkness. As you lay in the darkness you hear someone say “Poor bastards. Hear they’re shipping out in an hour. I’d hate to be them.”

Bellow you’ll find the PDF of the Crate Escape as well as the maps needed. Everything is set up to be run fairly simply so you can do an afternoon game pretty easily. The maps are made simply so you can customize them as much as you want.

The Mission:

The Crate Escape

The Maps:

MAp for Crate Escape and CrateExpectations Floor 1

Floor 2 Floor 2

Roof of the ZetaTech Facility The Roof



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