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Actual Play

  • Curious about our games but unsure if they’re right for you?
  • Own our games but want to learn more about the rules/worlds and how to play?
  • Or maybe you’re just looking for a spot of entertainment?

Below, you’ll find links to a number of podcast and video episodes where gamers out in that great, big, wonderful place called the Internet have played something from R. Talsorian Games and recorded it to share with you!

If you’ve got an Actual Play for one of our games you’d like to share here, please contact us and let us know.


Listen to the man, Maximum Mike himself, run Cyberpunk 2020 for the team at IGN.

The crew from Playstation Access take a break from video games to play Cyberpunk 2020 in a multipart series.

Join Cody Pondsmith and the crew of Dicebreaker as they attempt a Cyberpunk Red train heist complete with fanboys, turrets, and a bit of trainspotting. Here's part 1 and here's part 2!

Episode 14 of Polygon's Overboard follows a unique group of Edgerunners as they try to solve a murder mystery in Cyberpunk Red!
Role to Cast, from Baby Beard Media, sent a Rockerboy, a Fixer, and a drugged up morning DJ on a quest to replace the content of the biggest media corp in the world with their own message of rebellion in a stunning Cyberpunk 2020 campaign.

New to Cyberpunk? So were the players in Rocket Adrift's Dark Future Dice when they started. Join Doctor Pepper and Barb as they solve mysteries and sell meat with the help of a memorable cast of NPCs.

The Cyberpunk Red campaign on Wandering DM's channel deserves a special shoutout for the depth of characterization that goes into each PC. 

Omegaville is hacking Cyberpunk to provide a unique take on Night City well worth listening to. Dripping with detail and atmosphere, this audio Actual Play will have you on the edge of your seat.

Join the Shadowcasters as they explore the world of Cyberpunk for the first time in their intense and flavorful Actual Play!

JonJontheWise is well known in the Cyberpunk community for his intense love of the game. In this Actual Play, he assembles a crew of misfits to explore every corner of the Cyberpunk world.

ELH takes the game out of Night City and explores a group of Edgerunners living in an ConApt in Japan in the Tokyo Red Cyberpunk Actual Play.

Mad Doc and the Russian Farmer take on a mission in a Cyberpunk 2020 adventure involving cute but deadly netrunners and so many clowns...
The High Shelf Gaming Crew's "West Marches" style campaign is one of the most ambitious Cyberpunk Actual Plays out there! Give it a listen.

The Witcher TRPG

Join Witcher TRPG lead developer Cody Pondsmith as he manages an all-star cast including Doug Cockle (the voice of Geralt!) as Geralt of Rivia and Matt Mercer as Dandelion as they play to raise funds for SpecialEffect. Warning, this session was musical!

Dwarves on a boat? Surely not! Yet Cody Pondsmith made it happen with the excellent cast of Red Moon Roleplaying in this Witcher TRPG Actual Play!

The Grains of Truth campaign of the Witcher TRPG on Susanah Grace's channel features drama, mystery, and a clever amount of storytelling. 

What happens when you mix explosives, a witcher, and the Nilfgardian military? Find out as Cody Pondsmith runs the IGN crew through a session of the Witcher TRPG!

Hobbygamers International holds the distinction of having run the first Actual Play campaign of the Witcher TRPG! And all without a witcher at all! Join two criminals as they engage in, well, crime on the edge of the advancing warfront.
Join WanderingDM as he leads a Witcher TRPG campaign which is as much romance and flirting as it is mystery and brutal combat! 

Castle Falkenstein

R. Talsorian Games Media Ambassador J Gray Hosts Castle Falkenstein for the crew of Fandible which proves that Man is the real Monster. Also, possibly the Monster in the forest is the real Monster.

You are cordially invited to THE party of the season in beautiful Spain. On the menu? Rich food. Delightful company. And murder! Join WanderingDM and a cast of gentlepeople as they play Castle Falkenstein.

Please join the talented players of Hobbygamers International as they play Castle Falkenstein and learn exactly why the Art World can be more dangerous than the Battlefield.

Teenagers from Outerspace

The kids at Aces High are just like everyone else... except they're aliens, exploring love, friendship, and the rule of cool in the penultimate Teenagers from Outerspace campaign courtest of Laughlovelindy. Watch this and be prepared to both laugh and aww.
Thanks to the amazing folks at Saving Throw, there's not one but five episodes of Teenagers from Outerspace to enjoy!
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