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You can find our existing errata below. If you spot a typo or error in one of our products not covered here, please let us know by filling out our bug report form.

The Witcher TTRPG Errata

The Witcher TTRPG core rulebook errata. Covers first and second printing

The Witcher Lords and Lands errata. Covers first printing

Cyberpunk RED Errata

Cyberpunk RED core rulebook errata, first and second printing

Tales of the RED: Street Stories errata for first printing

Cyberpunk 2020 Errata

Armor and Combat for Cyberpunk
Chrome Errata
Errata for Max Metal
Monoweapons and Shotgun Slugs
Solo Updates
Table for most Standard Weapons

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  1. Any plans to put out the rest of the errata for Cyberpunk and your other lines as well? Also the text for the 2 checkboxes under this blend into the background might need to the change the text color so they can be read.

      • Thats the magic of Wayback Machine, just look at the captures they did of the old site and copy and paste the errata into a notepad file and move it the website later. No need to find it, its all there waiting.

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