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Master Your Mecha!


untitledA mile away, the first of the towering humanoid forms thunders to earth, toppling skyscrapers under its armored feet. But you’re ready. This is the moment you’ve fought, trained and bled for. You raise your own mighty arms, and searing energy beams roar from metal fingertips. The boot rockets kick in, arcing your own huge warmachine skywards towards the enemy. You know your suit can take him—laser for laser, missile to missile. You are a Mekton Warrior.

Enter a world of high adventure and mechanized combat; a distant galaxy where science fiction and Japanese animé collide. At stake—the survival of entire civilizations—entrusted to the skilled few who can master the giant robotic warmachines of this future age.

This is the world of MEKTON.

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  1. In case you didn’t know, Mekton Zero is on the back burner and the Kickstarter refunded to us backers. Hopefully after Witcher and Cyberpunk Red are out then they will get back to it.

    • We do know. Its why our company name is on the top of the website. 🙂 And we want Mekton Zero to get out there as well!

  2. Man, I would love so much to see one day after CP2077 got released some Mekton game or even a mod or DLC with Mekton as the paper rules of CP2020 and Mekton were already so nicely compatible. I just would love to see some cyberpunk – mecha mix a la Bubblegum Crisis or similar Anime plots.

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