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Chrome Book 1-4 Are Coming to PDF!

Your Favorite Cyberpunk Books to be Released in pdf.

2, or perhaps I should say 4, of our best selling Cyberpunk books full of awesome catalog goodness are soon to be available in pdf. form at

The Chromebooks spanned many years of Cyberpunk and brought you the latest new toys in weapons, cyberware, fashion, pets, power armor and just about anything else your ‘punk wants. The books were eventually collected as Chromebook ½ and ¾. Each one, which is really 2, will be available in pdf. form for $12.00.

But the opportunity for Cyberpunk spending sprees isn’t over yet. We at R. Talsorian are currently working on Chromebook 5, a catalog dated after the 4th Corporate War, which will be released in paper and pdf. later this year. Do you want to be as stylish and deadly as anyone on the street? Do youwant to soak up some of the money your players are hoarding. Chromebooks are here to serve you!

Now, why don’t you tell us which categories you’d like to see in the new book?

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