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What’s Going To Be In Mekton Zero?

Several people have asked me for a more extensive description of what’s going to be packed into this 200+ page monster. While some of you on the various Mekton boards have seen parts of this over the years, many of you haven’t, so (without taking up the entire site here) this List is just part of what you can expect to find in the Mekton Zero Corebook.

An extensive Historical Background, including:

  • The Truth About the Aggendi (and the Bendari/Aggendi War)
  • The Complete Mekton Saga, including:

The Aggendi Wars (Aggendiの星間トカゲは戦う Interstellar Aggendi Lizard Wars) is the English name for the first of the five Mekton Eras. It encompasses the period in which the Bendar Spiral Empire (a race of mostly humanoid civilizations) encounters the Aggendi, a vicious race of reptilian warriors controlled by a race of sessile telepaths called the Paxxani, until the final destruction of the Paxxani. The series arc Algol: Legend of the Vengeance Star centers on the battle between one Bendari battleship and its Aggendi rival, culminating in the establishment of a colony on the distant world of Algol and the struggle to defend it.

The Knight Wars ( 保護装置の戦争はナイト爵に叙する War of the Protector Knights) is the English name for the second of the five Mekton Eras. The series arc Algol:Sword of Freedom takes place after the fall of the First Colony, as the survivors are forced to build a civilization in the wilderness of Algol, protected by the remaining Bendari Mektons from the Fallen Empire. It is also the tale of how one renegade Knight subverted the Compact of the Protectors and established a tyrannical rulership over the descendants of the First Colonists, and how the hero Eloran used the powerful Lost Warrior Mekton to defeat the Knights of Kargan and create a free kingdom.

The Mekton Wars (Mektonの金属の兵士の戦争 War of the Mekton Metal Soldiers ) is the English name for the third of the five Mekton Eras. In the series arc Algol: Defender of the Crown, the descendants of Eloran’s Free Kingdoms (the Elarans), having been exiled from the island of Muria two generations earlier, are attacked by the descendants of the Knights (Kargans) who have been exiled to the distant Southern Continent. In the second series arc, Algol: Battle of the Metal Kingdoms, the original defenders of the Elaran Kingdom are joined by a new group of Mekton Warriors as they drive the Kargan invaders out and free their homeland.

The Archipelago Wars (Archipelaganの島の戦争  War of the Archipelagan Islands) is the English name for the third of the five Mekton Eras. In the series arc, The Never Ending Metal War, both sides battle for control of the vital subcontinent of the Kondurs, hoping to deliver the final knockout punch in the long standing grudge war. In the second series arc, The Colony Home Wars, both sides battle to conquer the only remaining “safe ground” in the coming Ice Age. In the final arc, The Murian Wizard War, all sides converge on the Murian Technomancers and fight for the outcome that will lead to the Final Peace.

Extensive background on:

  • A Mechanized Society: Technology in a Giant Robot World.
  • The Kargan Empire
  • The 7 Kingdoms of Elara
  • The Ettarran Scattery


  • History of the Four Nations
  • Cities of Algol
  • Culture & Technology of Algol
  • Military Forces, Training and Doctrine of the Four Nations
  • National Goals & Objectives
  • Main Characters ( Princess Ymri, Lord Ebonflack and many others) of the Saga

Extensive Background on Mecha including:

  • How They actually work (the answer may surprise you!)
  • Mecha Development and Design Theory
  • Background on Defense Contractors, Private Companies and Experimental Designers
  • and what the term MEKTON actually means!

The Algol Planetary Guide, including

  • Planetology and geology of Algol
  • Animals of Algol
  • Gigafauna and other Big A–s Monsters of Algol

Complete Rules for playing the game, including full character generation and task resolution rules as well as:

  • Fast Damage Resolution alternatives to Mekton Zeta
  • Katas: A new way to run realistic anime styled combat.
  • Archetypes & Roles: A new way to make really effective anime-based characters.
  • MechaPath—a new system for personalizing your mecha
  • Templates for Military, Civilian and Experimental Mecha of all nations
  • (including Mekton Zero and Mekton Zeta stats)
  • A whole new Experience System that is tailored to the individual players style of play.

And of course, there will be plenty of follow-on books on Units, Tactics, Characters and other cool stuff on Planet Algol as well as matching mecha figure releases. More on those later!



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