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Mekton Scale Chart


Our redoubtable Mecha Master Mark Simmons went all crazy last night and produced this awesome chart that shows relative sizes of all the mecha appearing in the old Mekton Techbook and Operation Rimfire. It’s a great way to see the progression of Algol’s meks over the years; and don’t forget that we’ll be adding tons more units to this chart to fill in the models (military and civilian) that come online during the years of the Archipelago War (and Mekton Zero). Click on the image to see it in a larger size.

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  1. Can we expect the Vortex (only the mini was made), the Zakar, the Viper, the (I hope) more realistic Verkan Panthercat, the Scimitar, the Kargan “something’s” eye (don’t remember the name, was in the techbook)?

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