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When others doubted we could even reach $40K.

You guys pulled it out.

and when they said it was impossible to hit $45 with two days remaining.

You did it in one.

And then went on to hit PAST $50K in 8 freaking hours.  Because you are AWESOME.

Now it’s time for us to GO FORTH AND BRING YOU MEKTON ZERO.

And honestly everyone, thank you.

We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you.

Thank You,

Mike Pondsmith and the New Talsorian crew



4 thoughts on “THE MEKTON HAS LANDED!!!! WE ARE AT $50K!!!! Leave a comment

  1. Honestly, I was surprised we pulled off 50k. It was only three hours from the deadline and it was at 47k. I kinda wrote it off at that point as “we did our best”.

    Nice to see us pull off a last minute tactical strike 🙂

    • It’s like the last moment of an episode of Voltron. The Ro-Beast is winning; the Voltron Team is stunned by the power of Zoltan’s Electro-Whip, when suddenly, “FORM BLAZING SWORD!!!!” and the Ro-Beast falls!

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