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It’s R. Talsorian’s “Living in the U.S.A.” sale

Big Living in USA Sale

Celebrate your Thanksgiving weekend by trying out a supplement or adventure based in the original land of turkey and cranberries (even if this U.S.A. looks a little different than the one outside your window!) Our special sale runs from November 15 (This Friday) til the end of Thanksgiving weekend (December 1st) and features these exciting products set in the USA:

Six Guns and Sorcery (Castle Falkenstein), normally $20.00 now $14.00   Travel through the North America of Castle Falkenstein encountering the people’s and ancient magics of the United States of America, the Republic of Texas, The Twenty Nations Confederation, The Bear Flag Empire of California and other steam-powered locales.

Cybergeneration (Core Book), normally $22.00, now $14.00   After the Cyberpunks fail, the fight is taken up by the next generation evading the control of the tyrannical Corporate States of America with the help of strange mutations caused by the Carbon Plague.

Bastille Day (Cybergeneration), normally $6.00, now 2.00!   Yo! You Kids Living In the ISA! This introductory adventure helps teach your Cybergeneration players what they can do with the mutations and resources they have, whether they’re living on the street or in a cushy corporate penthouse. They also learn never to do a favor for Rache Bartmoss.

Forlorn Hope (Cyberpunk 2020), normally $12.00, now $9.00    This Solo-heavy series of linked adventures revolves around the Forlorn Hope tavern in Night City, USA.

Home of the Brave (Cyberpunk 2020 America), normally $16.00, now $12.00    This is THE detailed sourcebook for the United States in 2020. Includes the New U.S. government, the military, daily life, and the country broken down by regions.

Neotribes (Cyberpunk 2020) normally $14.00, now $8.00   The romance of the road is alive in the future, but membership is not easy. This Nomad-based sourcebook has everything you need to run a game in the mobile communities of the post-holocaust United States. Includes specific roles, weapons and vehicles along with the history of the Seven Nations.

And also in PDF at Drive Thru RPG (as well as Six Guns and Sorcery, Cybergeneration, Bastille Day, and Neotribes

The Night City Sourcebook (Cyberpunk 2020) pdf. normally $9.00, now $4.50    The complete sourcebook for the city of Cyberpunk 2020! From the mean streets and shady businesses of the Dark Future, to the gangs, drugs and clubs of the really dark side, this book is packed full of useful stuff every Cyberpunk 2020 GM needs to know!

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