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Dev Note #16: An Update

Hey there everyone,

Cody here! I’ve managed to un-glue my face from my layout monitor for a little bit to write another dev note! I don’t have a lot to talk about as far as system at the moment but I can say that we are so deep in layout that I think I see glimpses of light at the other end. Months of changing border colors and retyping introductions and we’re almost there! In the mean time we’ve been hard at work in the last stages of layout and writing the last lore bits. We’ve sent out play test pamphlets to a lot of wonderful people around the globe to get their input and have them try their best to break and exploit the system. So far, feedback has been very positive and our brave play testers are generally having a great time. Like I said, past that I don’t really have a ton to say at the moment. Layout tends to be a long and boring process. We did get to go to Pyrkon in Poznan, Poland where we met up with a bunch of great people and got to do a Q&A with the fans over in Poland. The convention was amazing and I’d go back in a heart beat. Anyhow, it’s time for me to go back to the dark pits of the Talsorian Layout Dungeon. If everything goes smoothly, I’d like to get on some time late next week and do another dev note about our progress and where we are at the moment. Until then, best wishes to all!

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