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Castle Falkenstein Update!

If you are going to GENCON this summer, you should really check out David Robbins’ Falkenstein LARP. David has been running a series of CF LARP’s at GENCON for years now and we were very impressed with what he was up to in his Paris in the Spring LARP last year.

“It is 1876, the Age of Steam and Sorcery. The notables of Europe, human, dragon, and faerie, have gathered to “take the waters” at Bavarian spas. But some have motives beyond a mineral bath.”

R. Talsorian will also have CF events at the show, run by our Guest GM, J Gray, author of new CF material from Fat Goblin. There will also be a Castle Falkenstein seminar with information on new products and the 2019 25th anniversary edition.

Meanwhile, the good folks at Retropunk have been working on the new Portuguese edition of the CF core book. Here’s a peek at the unofficial cover.




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