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Cyberpunk 2020 is in Print

Hello everyone,

Word has reached us that people are selling Cyberpunk 2020 on Amazon for $300. This is ridiculous. It is still in print and on the company website for $30.00. Please feel free to buy our books anywhere you like, but please don’t you or your friends get ripped off. Spread the word.



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  1. Also it’s available in print via POD over on DrivethruRPG. Plenty of options for getting a copy without having to get taken to the cleaners by Amazon sellers.

  2. Unless you live outside the US, then your only real option is buying the ripoff copies because R. Talsorian only sell from a US based store.

    • Tell your retailer you want the book. Ask them to tell their local distributors. They can order from us at favorable rates. If they know there’s a demand they’ll work to get the books for you.
      There are distributors already in the UK and Australia who carry our games.

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