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From the Screamsheets 8/18/18

The time has come for our weekly look at where R. Talsorian Games is generating buzz on the internet. Come along with us as we look at what’s showing up in the Screamsheets!

Mike Pondsmith, Secret Weapon

YouTube channel TheNeonArcade made a video highlighting the “secret weapon” CD Projekt Red is using to make the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game amazing: our founder and leader, Mike Pondsmith. All jesting aside, the video provides a good look at how including an IP’s creator on a project can really benefit the end result.

Witcher Around the World

As our newest game, The Witcher TRPG continues to grab the most headlines.

  • SyFy Wire included The Witcher TRPG in their gaming roundup column with the tag line, “From the cutting-edge to the unapologetically old-school”. I think we can live with that!
  • Andrew Girdwood of Geek Native wrote an in-depth and nuanced review of the game. He doesn’t review it on a 1 to 10 scale but, instead, offers an intense look at the game as someone who has not played the video games. Mr. Girdwood also wrote an article spotlighting the Witcher character sheet designed by r/WitcherTRPG subreddit member YodaOVGs. This is one of several unofficial tools developed by community members and we’re glad to see our game inspiring the creativity and problem solving muscles of the community.
  • If you’re fluent in French, we recommend visiting Fredraider Adventures, where they’ve graciously written a breakdown/review of The Witcher RPG!


While Cyberpunk 2077 is being made by CD Projekt Red and not by R. Talsorian Games, we still take a bit of “pride of ownership” when we see people inspired to create amazing things based on the upcoming video game.

  • For example, check out this amazing cosplay of main character V by Maul Cosplay (who put together a fantastic Geralt of Rivia previously). If that doesn’t capture the Cyberpunk style, I don’t know what does!

That’s it for this week, choombas! See you next week with another From the Screamsheets.


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