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The Sage’s Answers, Part 10

While our Celebration of Cyberpunk will be taking up a lot of our focus this week, we haven’t forgotten The Witcher TRPG our The Sage’s Answers!

Just to remind everyone, here we’ll be answering questions players and GMs have asked about The Witcher TRPG with the goal of turning them into an errata and updating the book down the line.

Cody Pondsmith, our line developer, will be answering five to ten questions each time we post. We’re going to shoot for either every weekday or every other weekday, schedules allowing, and when there’s going to be longer breaks, we’ll try our best to let you know in advance. We’ll be posting each The Sage’s Answers on our blog, our Facebook, and on the r/WitcherTRPG subreddit. On our blog, I’ll be tagging each entry with “sagesanswers” to make them easy to find.

And on to our answers! Five today!

Gera Krisztian asks…

Is there any way to prevent your enemy in verbal combat to disengage? Because in most cases that seems to be the most effective method to end combat. 

Cody answers…

Hey, Gera! Disengage is a defense and has to be rolled by you or an opponent. You can only end a verbal combat if you are able to roll a Resist Coercion roll higher than your opponent’s “attack” roll. If you fail to roll higher than your opponent you cannot end the combat. Essentially, you and your enemy are fully invested in the verbal combat. If the disengage defense isn’t successfully made, the combatant in question is either too prideful to give up or too hooked by what it is the other side is selling.

Tom Kant asks…

Pg. 23 – How does the Tough Perk interact with armor? Is it counted as another layer (and if so, does it reduce the amount of armor you can wear due to the limit of 3 layers), or is it ignored?

Cody answers…

Hey, Tom! The Tough perk is added onto the top of the Dwarf’s armor rating. Once you’ve calculated the SP of a Dwarf’s worn armor, add +2 to that value for the Tough perk. This is true for every part of their body: head, torso/arms, and legs.

The +2 gained via the Tough perk does not count as a layer of armor for the purposes of layering, does not have an EV rating, and cannot be lowered via weapon attacks or ablation damage. Even if a Dwarf is buck naked, they still have an SP of 2 for every part of their body. Damage which ignores the SP of armor (critical bonus damage, for example) also ignores the 2 SP gained via the Tough perk.

Tom Kant asks…

Pg. 48 – How is Stamina supposed to work? As I understand the rules, it is mainly used by casters (Mages, Priests and Witchers), which other classes never having to worry about it. Also, can a character use the Recovery action to regain all of their Stamina in about 5 turns, which is about 15 seconds, (resulting in spellcasters being able to cast a nearly unlimited number of spells)?

Cody answers…

All of this is true. While there are some non-spellcaster class abilities that require Stamina, it is most useful to spell slingers, who use it to power their magic. Even for those who don’t cast magic, however, it can still be used to buy extra attacks, roll extra defenses, and give access to Adrenaline Dice (if your game is using that rule).

As for stamina regain… you are correct. Five rounds is probably enough to regain most, if not all of your Stamina. That’s five rounds, however, where your enemy is likely to chop off your head. Outside of combat, the main drawback to unlimited, as much as the caster wants spellcasting, is the possibility of a fumble. Even the most benign spells have a chance of turning on a caster and in rare cases this can result in the loss of focus items, the injury of anyone close to you, and additional damage and effects to yourself. The more a magic user casts, the more likely they are to experience the unpleasant side effects of a spell gone wrong.

Tom Kant asks…

Pg. 59 – Is it intended that a character (on average) can gain between 1 and 2 levels in a skill after each session (spending the 6 General Improvement points to level a skill from 2 to 4)? Also, can a character gain the first level of a skill by studying it for a single day (in Cyberpunk 2020, this took around 10 days)?

Cody answers…

In the Witcher you level up skills faster than Cyberpunk. On average players will be getting 3 or 4 I.P. per session which does allow a good amount of leveling up. Because there are a good number of skills and skill tree abilities we wanted to speed up progression a bit to allow for more exploration. You can learn the very basics of a skill in 1 day but your value of 1 still counts as “inept” in the skill.

Tom Kant asks…

Pg. 61 – How does leveling Profession Skills work? Does a character start with the first 3 skills at level 0 (so they can use them and spend GIPs on them?) or do they first have to get their defining skill to level 5 before gaining access to the first three at level 0. Also, what does the “This skill can be trained like other skills” in skills such as the Priest’s Divine Power or the Witcher’s Iron Stomach mean?

Cody answers…

During Character Creation, you can place up to 6 of your initial 44 points into your Defining Skill. If you place at least 5 of those points into your Defining Skill, you can use each of the tier 1 skills for your Profession at 0 ranks. However, you cannot place any of your initial 44 points into those tier 1 skills. Those can only be raised by spending I.P. during play.

The fact that skills like Divine Power and Iron Stomach can be trained means that you can use the “Study & Practice” method of gaining I.P. for these skills. So, you could teach yourself Divine Power or Iron Stomach despite them being effect values rather than abilities that you roll.

And we’re off! More answers are coming up!

Keep your blades sharp!

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  1. Hi there Talsorians! You’re doing a great job!

    I have a doubt. Don’t know if it’s already in your list (there are quite a few and reading them all could cause brain damage, so forgive me if it is the case).
    I understand the Melee skill is used for basically any weapon not included in the other weapon skills. Why do monsters have a rating for Melee? I get a water hag could grab a club or something, but a griffin? I don’t get it.

    Thanks in advance and keep it up! Looking forward to that expanded bestiary 🙂

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