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From the Screamsheets, 9/1/18

aka A Celebration of Cyberpunk: Day Six

If it’s the weekend, it must be time for From the Screamsheets. Normally, we use this column to spotlight interesting mentions of R. Talsorian Games, our people, and our games out on the net. Today’s special, though.

As part of our Celebration of Cyberpunk, which is the weeklong party we’re holding in honor of the Cyberpunk roleplaying game’s 30th anniversary, we’ve asked fans of the game of “Roleplaying in the Dark Future”, old and new, to share their creations with us. These are fan-creations which have been inspired by Cyberpunk. We’ve left out character sheets, homebrew rules, and adventures because, today, we want to highlight the lore and the art of the Cyberpunk world and not specifically the mechanics.

Fair warning. This blog entry is art intensive and we’re not thumbnailing it. It may be slow to load.

By the way, don’t forget we’ll be ending this Celebration on Cyberpunk on Monday, with a special seminar on the history of the cyberpunk genre and the Cyberpunk game at PAX West. Mike Pondsmith will be on stage with Eurogamer’s Johnny Chiodini to talk about it all. If you’re in the area and interested, there’s still passes for Monday left. You don’t need a ticket for the event. Its first come, first serve. We are going to try to record it but make no promises as to the equipment functioning as intended.

First, a Bit of Video

YouTube personality Seth Skorkowsky shared with us a video detailing “The Scott Brown Incident”. Anytime we can inspire a war story like this, its worth sharing!

Props Make the World Go Round

Many GMs put together props to help bring their world alive. Here’s a selection of Cyberpunk specific ones.

Mark Markham sent in this brochure for the La Hacienda Hotel and Casino in Night City.

La Hacienda brochure

Matrixvingian decided someone had to think of the children with this sign they made for their game.


Blank Redge sent in a bunch of screamsheets they made for their campaign. We picked the image we liked the most. I really want to know what the Kong Chow Benevolent Association is!


Some Badass Art

When a game inspires people to create art, you know its amazing. Here’s some Cyberpunk inspired pics folks sent in!

Jay Libby, Cyberpunk v3 artist/writer and veteran GM, sent in a couple of character pics which really stand out.



Seth Rugtledge shared this amazing landscape of a city awash in rain and neon.


Rion Shanks hit the atmospheric black and white hard with this piece, entitled “Rusting Chrome”.


Deric Bernier’s character pic captures some classic punk spirit.


And Dmitry Kuznetsov did a damn fine job with some CCTV style images of a few spots in Night City.



Thank You, Punks!

The above represents only a selection of what we received. As mentioned before, we couldn’t use character sheets or rulesets, since that was beyond the scope of the project, and we only picked one or two pieces from the artists who sent us multiple files. If your favorite wasn’t included, we do apologize, but honestly, what’s in this special From the Screamsheets is nothing short of amazing. We love it and we love sharing this Cyberpunk world with all of you.

Stay safe in the streets!

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