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From the Screamsheets, 9/29/2018

Greetings, stalwart allies! As it is the weekend, it is time for From the Screamsheets, our weekly examination of where R. Talsorian Games is being discussed on the ‘net. This week, we’re diving straight into a plethora of The Witcher TRPG related material!

A Very Witcher Review

The October issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine has dropped and inside you can find a review of The Witcher TRPG! You can purchase the magazine in either physical format or electronic. Here are some highlights:

This video game adaption does a great job of translating the deadly combat, elaborate monster hunts and gloomy setting of The Witcher to the tabletop…

Even the core mechanic and skill system feel incredibly appropriate for the world. It’s simple on the surface, but as you play the game you realise that it heavily emphasises training and experience over blind luck.

We say: A blood-soaked and brutal game, combining fairly complex rules with a heavy focus on storytelling.

A Red Moon Rises on The Continent

The Witcher TRPG lead designer, Cody Pondsmith, virtually visited with the team at Red Moon Roleplaying. He ran a great session of the game for them which involved two dwarves traveling by boat.

What could possibly go wrong? At two and a half hours, this video provides quite a good insight into the game as run by the man who wrote quite a bit of it.

Twitchy Witchers

It wasn’t just Cody and Red Moon playing The Witcher TRPG this week, though! Two different Twitch channels have begun Actual Play campaigns of the game!

WanderingDM began their campaign, entitled The North Shall Burn, last night! Their current schedule calls for bi-weekly livestreams of the campaign and, of course, the videos will be available for viewing afterward!

Here’s a link to the first video!

Over on Druttercup‘s Twitch channel, they’ve also begun a The Witcher TRPG campaign and are now four sessions in! They play on Sunday evenings (UK time) and links to their videos are below:

Session 0 (chargen)

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Witcher in the Great North

And finally, if you happen to be in Ontario, there’s a The Witcher TRPG game going on at Board Game Bliss today. It might be too late to get a seat at the table but they might let you watch them play or join in next time!

That’s all for today!

Keep your blades sharp!




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  1. Having a great time exploring the world of the Witcher; no witchers among the PCs, we’ve got a couple of hardworking lads wou would never try blackmail, deception and burglary to earn an honest crust. Much. Thanks for the shoutout, it’s great to be able to spread the love.

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