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From the Screamsheets, 10/27/18

It may be getting dark early outside but you can still join us here in From the Screamsheets. This is our weekly look at where R. Talsorian, our games, and our people are being featured on the ‘net.

Pondsmiths in Paradise

One place it isn’t getting dark early is New Caledonia, the sunny island in the southwest Pacific. Designers Mike and Lisa Pondsmith are there now as part of the local SCI-FI Club’s annual Week-End Geek event! If you happen to be in the area, make sure to stop by and say hello! We’ll have some great photos for you later in the week showing just what happens when you put a Pondsmith in a tropical paradise.

Speaking of Mike…

Maximum Mike wasn’t the subject of a recent interview about upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077 but he was certainly a topic of conversation. Website Dualshockers interviewed CDPR quest designer Patrick Mills and he had some interesting things to say about both Mike and the influence Cyberpunk 2020 has on the video game. Our favorite quote?

“For instance, if you think about Kerry Eurodyne… If you want to know the backstory of this character, you won’t find it in the books. If you ask Ponsdmith to tell you more about it, he’ll send you a couple of pages telling you where he was born, what happened to him, what he did before 2020, what he did after 2020.”

… And Other Pondsmiths

The podcast Longthoughts with Baloo features interviews with creators of all stripes. Cody Pondsmith, lead designer of The Witcher TRPG was recently interviewed and that episode will be available later. For now, though, Baloo has announced the podcast will be giving away a copy of The Witcher TRPG signed by both Cody and Lisa Pondsmith, the game’s creators. You can find out more information over at his Patreon.

And Speaking of the Witcher TRPG!

We gave away some exclusive Witcher themed dice at GenCon 2018. Most of those dice have gone into collections but a few have made their way out into the general market. If you really want a set, you can always look for them on eBay!

R. Talsorian Media

Finally, we’ve been working hard at R. Talsorian Games to increase our media footprint. Here on our site you’ll find a collection of great Actual Plays of our various games, run by fantastic and talented gamers. They don’t always run strictly according to the rules but they’re fun to listen to and/or watch!

But if you DO want to understand the rules better, check out our new How to Play series of videos. We’ve got two sets going currently, one for Cyberpunk 2020 and one for The Witcher TRPG. Episode 1 of each is out and episode 2 for each will be coming soon.

That’s all for now! We’ll be back next week with more From the Screamsheets. In the meanwhile, keep your dice ready. You never know when the GM is going to ambush you.

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