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Store Updates!

Do we have a big store update for you! Please note, everything we’re mentioning in this post is a hardcopy version.

  • Cyberpunk 2020 is back in stock and you can order it from us! This is, of course the classic game of roleplaying in the Dark Future.
  • Night City is also in stock! While it doesn’t include the fold-out map, this is still the definitive sourcebook for one of the best game settings ever created.
  • Because we had to end our Cyberpunk Essentials sale one day early due to running out of copies of Cyberpunk 2020, we’re popping it up for one more day! The Cyberpunk Essentials Bundle is on once again for sale via our webstore. It includes Cyberpunk 2020Blackhand’s GuideChromebook 1/2Chromebook 3/4, and Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads!!! for 30% off! We’ll keep the bundle for sale at this rate through midnight on Friday. Saturday morning, it’ll change back to regular price.
  • Finally, we found some copies of Researching Medicine, a somewhat legendary sourcebook for Cybergeneration put out by our partners over at Firestorm Ink and its now for sale at our webstore!





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