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The First Witcher TRPG Expansion!

In the Dark World of the Witcher, a body needs every advantage they can get just to survive…

Announcing the Lords and Land Expansion for The Witcher TRPG


An expansion for gamemasters and players alike, Lords and Land will include…

  • A four panel Shield packed with the tables and information Gamemasters need to run the game and the art The Witcher is famous for!
  • Statistics and information on a number of common “everyman” NPCs to help populate the Continent in a hurry.
  • Players can now work the land with a new playable Race, the Halflings!
  • Or they can rule and manage the land instead, with the new Noble Profession!
  • Plus, there will be a fine selection of new goods from the back of Rodolf’s Wagon to purchase!

Lords and Land is the perfect expansion to help GM and player bring the Dark and Dangerous world of The Witcher to life at their table!

Currently in production. We’ll announce the release date as soon as we have a firm one. Lord and Land will be available in both physical and digital forms.

12 thoughts on “The First Witcher TRPG Expansion! Leave a comment

  1. Caedmill R talsorian team!
    By any chance, will there be some scenario or some more monster for the Bestiary in the future Witcher expansion?
    Va faill and… Keep your sword sharp!

    • We’re already at work on the bestiary and additional books will be announced as we firm up their content.

  2. Glad to see supplements in development already! My dream supplements for future are the aforementioned Bestiary, more magic spells and artifacts, and perhaps a gazeteer with expanded information on the North/Nilfgaard as well as maybe far off lands like Zerrikania.

  3. Hello Talsorian team! Why not include the gnome race aswell? We really need a bestiary sourcebook!!! Thanks and keep this amazing work!

  4. Looking forward to supplements the core book fantastic like many a expanded bestiary would be loved, adventures always appreciated and expansion of spells and artifacts in that order but any good supplements will always be on my buy list

    • There is an errata out, which includes lore corrections where needed. You can find it in our Downloads section on this site.

      • I have this errata, but there are still mistakes :/ for example, Aedireen isn’t a “granddaughter of the first king of Aedirn”, but the first queen herself, her grandfather being founder of Vengerberg. And Dezmod isn’t father of Geddes, just unspecified ancestor.

      • A reply from our lore mistress, Lisa Pondsmith:
        Yes, Adireen was queen of Aedirn in the tenth century by virtue of the fact that she was the granddaughter of Prince Venger of Attre who was thrown out of Attre and founded Vengerberg and was the founder of the Aedirnian royal line.

  5. Yes, a Bestiary would be more useful, included Halflings already in my game, no need for expansion here ^^

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