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Tis the Season! (Update)

Few things are more important in the Dark Future than rampant consumerism. To celebrate the feelings of the season, R. Talsorian Games is joining in with our…


We’ve already announced the sale but we’re updating with new information! In addition to the great general savings throughout the extended weekend (20% of core books, 30% supplements) we’re doing daily specials at our webstore! Each day, we’re putting a different core book up for sale for 50% off! This is the physical, hold it in your hands book! The book will go on sale at that low price for one minute after the calendar flips to the new day and remain on sale until the calendar flips to the next! In other words, from 12:01am to 12:00am on that specific day. Once the day is over, they’ll mark down to the normal 20% off for core books. Except the Monday book. Once that’s done, it goes back to the normal price with all the rest. Sale’s over. Go home. Get some sleep!

Here’s the schedule:

  • 11/23 (Friday): The Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game
  • 11/24 (Saturday): Mekton Zeta and Teenagers from Outer Space
  • 11/25 (Sunday): Castle Falkenstein
  • 11/26 (Monday): Cyberpunk 2020

All sale prices are while supplies last. If we sell out of stock we won’t be accepting preorders for the next shipment at these prices.

See you this weekend!

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