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About a Certain Website

This morning we woke up to several messages asking us about two domain names and the website they point to:


“Did we own it? Was this an announcement about our upcoming RPG, Cyberpunk Red? What did the countdown time on the site mean?”

Here are our answers.

We do not own those domains or that site. We never registered the domains because we prefer to route our information through our official blog and social media channels rather than break things up by game. R. Talsorian Games is stronger when the fans of our various game lines come together, not when they’re all separated out.

Someone noticed the domain addresses were unregistered late yesterday/early today and purchased them, then put up the countdown timer. It does not mean anything. That individual has since indicated they would like to sell the domain addresses.

We are not interested.

Please rest assured, any official information about Cyberpunk Red or any other R. Talsorian Games product will be posted here and on our various social media accounts, all of which I will link below.

Mike, Lisa, Cody, and the rest of the R. Talsorian Games team would like to thank you all for being such amazing friends to the company. This has been one hell of a comeback year and that’s all down to you.


J Gray

Media Ambassador for R. Talsorian Games

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The official R. Talsorian Games Twitter

The official R. Talsorian Games Instagram

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