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Where to Buy Our Games

We’ve received quite a few questions lately as to where to find our games out in the wild. Many of you like supporting your local game shop. Which is excellent! We do, too! The issue is, it can be hard to pin down specific stores because their inventories change frequently. A shop might get in 5 copies of a book, sell out, and not reorder and then we’d have a listing for a store on our site which doesn’t actually have any R. Talsorian stock actually in stock.

Still, we want to help you find those books! To that end, we’ve created a handy list of distributors who carry our our books in North America, Europe, and Australia. There’s a good chance your local store orders from at least one of the outfits on this list and can use the information to get the books you’re looking for in stock! Retailers are also always welcome to order directly from us and can contact us at

The distributor list is accessible via this link and as an option in the STORE section of our site menu but we’ll also reproduce it as it currently stands below for convenience.

North America



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