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The Monsters are Loose!

Introducing A Witcher’s Journal

Hey, everyone! Cody Pondsmith here! As Lord & Lands goes off to editing, I’ve moved on to my next big project: A Witcher’s Journal! You see, when we first got the license to do the Witcher TRPG we knew there was one supplement that we absolutely couldn’t go without. The creatures and opponents in the core rule book were a good start but we knew the Witcher TRPG needed more monsters!

A Witcher’s Journal is set to be a 120 page book in which Brandon of Oxenfurt and Rodolf Kazmer do their best to translate the notes of the Witcher Ealdred into a guide for the layman.


You’d trust these two to tell you all about monsters, right?

Currently, A Witcher’s Journal is set to contain:

  • A treatise on the golden age of witchers, discussing the both the time before witchers and the aftermath of their creation.
  • An introduction to each of the 11 monster types.
  • Statistics and lore for 33 new monsters (3 from each type).
  • Statistics and customization options for two “Exceptional” Monsters.

While many monster manuals aim to give you the basic statistics for hundreds of monsters, I feel that a bestiary for the Witcher TRPG should be more focused on detail over quantity. Each of the 33 new monsters will have not only their statistics but information about their environment and how they interact with other creatures, their unique combat style, and a few superstitions spread by common folk. Each creature in A Witcher’s Journal should feel unique and dealing with them should be both entertaining and challenging.

What are “Exceptional” Monsters, you ask? In the Witcher world there are certain monsters that exist in a class all their own. Monsters that put others to shame with their attributes and capabilities. In the Witcher TRPG, we don’t just want to give those monsters to you as a stat block. No, these monsters should be utilized to their full effect. So, in A Witcher’s Journal we are aiming to have not only provide statistics, lore, and superstitions about two Exceptional monsters but also customization options, so you can craft your own specific instances of these creatures for your game.

I’ll talk more about these Exceptional Monsters and let you know what other creatures you can expect in A Witcher’s Journal later but for now I’ve got to get back to work!

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  1. Great news, Cody! I’m already anxious for this supplement! Please, don’t forget Dragons and true vampires!

  2. Hello, Cody! Good News! Very anxious to see this supplement. Please, don’t forget dragons and true vampires.

  3. All sorts of excited for this! More monster lore and stats are always a plus! Any chance we will get any of the more monstrous but intelligent races to play as in any of the future supplements?

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for continuing to develop this add-on. My group and I love this world and this product and hope to see it supported for a long time. When the Witcher’s Journal is ready, we will be too!

    • As we noted, in a recent post, the book has been printed and we are currently moving it through the shipment chain. We hope to have more details soon.

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