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CharGen Challenge 1: Cherry Bomb!

Two weeks ago we introduced a new feature here on the R. Talsorian Blog! In the CharGen Challenge, we provide a name and some ground rules and you provide the character! Our first challenge was for Cyberpunk 2020. Here were the details:

Name: Cherry Bomb

Rule System: Cyberpunk 2020

Books Allowed: Cyberpunk 2020 (core rulebook) only

Chargen Specifics: 

  • Cinematic style (point spending) for Statistics. 75 points.
  • Lifepath, including age, must be randomly rolled. You can choose to reroll up to five times while on the Lifepath (though you cannot reroll age).
  • Any weapons purchased must have an availability of E or C.
  • Any armor purchased must be SP 14 or lower.
  • You cannot take the Running Out of Cash option detailed on page 93.

And now we’re pleased to present your versions of Cherry Bomb to the world! Thanks to Ed Tinervin (Nomad Cherry), Dimuscul (Techie Cherry), Anne Morrison (Techie Cherry), Jason Cutrone (Corp Cherry), and Kevin Demanko (Fixer Cherry) for sharing their visions with us.

We’ll have another CharGen Challenge next week!

Cherry Bomb by Ed Tinervin

Role: Nomad

INT 9; REF 9; TECH 8; COOL 9; ATTR 8; LUCK 7; MA 9; BODY 7; EMP 6 (9)

Run 27; Leap 6; Lift 280; Save 7; BTM -2

Skills: Family 5 (14), Endurance 4 (11), Intimidate 3 (12), Awareness/Notice 4 (13), Wilderness Survival 3 (12), Athletics 2 (9), Brawling 4 (13), Handgun 5 (14), Melee 5 (14), Motorcycle 5 (14), Rifle 5 (14), Basic Tech 5 (13), Pick Lock 3 (11), Pick Pocket 2 (10)


  • Neural Processor w/ Kerenzikov Booster lvl 1; Vehicle Link; Smartgun Link
  • Interface Plugs
  • Cyberaudio w/ Wearman
  • Chemskins

Gear: Bag, inflatable bed, sleeping bag, data chips, pocket computer, cell phone, knife, light armor jacket, leather pants, Steyr Aug (100 rounds), Militech Avenger (100 rounds)

Style: Biker leathers, long and straight hair, spiked heel boots. European ethnicity.

Motivations: Moody, values her mentor, loves having a good time, neutral attitude towards people, photo is a favored possession

Background/Life Events: Family was exiled and in a nomad pack. Only child. Has made enemies of both a fellow nomad and a corp executive. Had a windfall. Now hunted by a small corporation.

Cherry Bomb by Dimuscul

Role: Techie

INT 10; REF 9; TECH 10; COOL 8; ATTR 6 (7); LUCK 8; MA 8; BODY 6; EMP 5 (9)

Run 24; Leap 6; Lift 240; Save 6; BTM -2

Skills: Jury Rig 8 (18), Awareness/Notice 3 (13), Basic Tech 4 (14), Cyber Tech 2 (12), Demolitions 6 (16), Education 2 (12), Electronics 4 (14), Electronic Security 5 (15), Weaponsmith 6 (16), Handgun 3 (12), Heavy Weapons 5 (14), Personal Grooming 2 (8), Pick Lock 4 (14), Rifle 3 (12), Seduction 2 (8)


  • Neural Processor w/ Machine/Tech Link
  • Interface Plugs
  • Front Optic Mount w/ 4 Optics
    • Optic 1: AntiDazzle, Targeting Scope, Infrared, Image Enhancement
    • Optic 2: AntiDazzle, Thermographic Sensor, Image Enhancement, Low Lite
    • Optic 3: Teleoptics, Micro-optics, Image Enhancement, Low Lite
    • Optic 4: MicroVideo Optic, Digital Camera

Gear: Kevlar Vest, Dai Lung Streetmaster (50 round)

Style: Short and spiky hair. Central American ethnicity.

Background/Life Events:  Cherry Bomb was born in a pirate fleet, and of course she never known her parents. No child there knew. After all they grew unattended, scurrying between the fleet boats, surviving from scraps and sleeping in tight spaces.

During those times she had 6 “siblings”, and as time would demonstrate later, she always was better socializing with guys than girls. As almost all their sisters hated her, and her brothers loved and took care of her.

And while that life was hard, it still was the truest form of freedom Cherry would know.
When the corps arrived at the fleet, chaos and dead followed them. They sunk the fleet, executed the adults and took back the kids to a safer place where they could learn to become useful citizens. The following years in the corporate farms where the most hellish years Cherry lived in her live.

And this is how Cherry became a rebel, activist and terrorist.

She ended in the wrong side of the law and learned from all the “bad” guys of the dark future. How to maintain guns, prepare Molotov’s, design devilish bombs and more …
Her early years where nothing more than an anarchic life, having love affairs, attacking corporate offices and industries and basically making a “name” by herself as someone to be careful with. It all changed when she knew Jessica.

While initially it seemed like they were going to become BFF, in reality it ended with Cherry learning most of the terrorist acts she did where nothing more than operations orchestrated by corporations against their competition. She was nothing more than a puppet in a game bigger than her.

Disenchanted with all, she tried to leave this life behind but Jessica wouldn’t let that happen. It ended with a big explosion and lots of deaths.

Still, Jessica survived … albeit without legs.

Cherry became an edgerunner. Her heavy weapon and demolition skills or her ability to bypass onsite security system became quite useful, and soon she became known. She lived in a fully equipped van, all sort of gadgets in the back, always on the move, ready for action.

Mark Stevenson became her mentor. A true veteran of the streets that saw true potential in her to, not only earn money, but to defy the status quo of the corporations. With that, her live continued with ops on one side, and love affairs on the other … until Parker arrived.

Who is Parker you may ask? He is Jessica boyfriend. He became Jessica’s tool for vengeance, and it almost got Cherry. She was betrayed, her possessions blown up, her reputation smeared. In fact everyone thought she was dead.

But she survived.

She may have lost everything she had. But that isn’t going to stop her to have her vengeance against Jessica and Parker. Once she manage to recover her grenade launcher “Mom’s love” she will hunt that them and introduce them to Mom’s Love barrel first.

Cherry Bomb by Anne Morrison

Role: Techie

INT 8; REF 8; TECH 10; COOL 10; ATTR 8; LUCK 10; MA 6; BODY 5; EMP 9 (10)

Run 18; Leap 4.5; Lift 200; Save 5; BTM -2

Skills: Jury Rig 7 (17), Interrogation 2 (12), Streetwise 3 (13), Human Perception 2 (11), Persuasion & Fast Talk 3 (12), Awareness/Notice 4 (12), Chemistry 5 (13), Education 3 (11),  Gamble 4 (12), Basic Tech 3 (13), CyberTech 7 (17), Demolitions 8 (18), Electronics 3 (13), Electronic Security 2 (12), Pick Pocket 3 (13)


  • Neural Processor w/ Kerenzikov Booster lvl 1; DataTerm Link; Machine/Tech Link
  • Interface Plugs
  • Cyberarm w/ Tool Hand; Plastic Covering

Gear: Kevlar Vest, Militech Arms Avenger, Militech Electronics Taser, Smartgoggles (w/ Image Enhancement, Micro-Optics, Low Lite), Holster, Cell Phone w/ Service, Cutting Torch (thermite lance), Tech Scanner, Tech Toolkit, Electronics Toolkit, Protective Goggles, Breathing Mask, Spray Skin (x2), Striptape Binders (x3), Nylon Carry Bag, Sleeping Bag

Lifestyle: Two room house in Combat Zone w/ Utilities & Cardlock (very difficult)

Style: Blue jeans, fingerless gloves, short curly hair. Japanese ethnicity.

Motivations: Arrogant and proud. Values a childhood friend, recently reconnected most. Honors their word. Feels everyone has value. Most valued item is a pendant given by friend.

Background/Life Events: 


>>>>>>Asahi Ibu, also known as “Cherry Bomb” or “Cherry“, is a short 23 year old of mixed Japanese descent. Subject has a left cyberarm, matte black with gold patterns and lights in the fingertips. Wears Smartgoggles. Has short curly hair dyed red at the tips and is generally seen in jeans and t-shirts. Always wears a pair of fingerless gloves by noted designer Miyake. Beware contact, as subject is aware of our animosity and has a propensity for both humiliating people they view to have wronged them and resolving situations with fire or explosives. Despite our efforts, gang members and Solos continue to frequent Ibu’s store (“Cherry‘s”, stylized 🍒) for explosives and incendiaries of all kinds.

Asahi’s Diary

Age 17

I’m still vibrating with excitement. The guys who contacted me looking for ten pounds of thermite actually paid up! I’m $800 richer today!

Age 18

I’m chipping in today! Getting neuralware installed. I want the reaction time and the links to be more effective with my work. I’m not getting plugs just yet, but even a little boost will be helpful.

Age 19

I met an asshole today. I don’t give a damn if you’re a corp, choomba, you talk to me like that and you can frakking stuffit.

…damn hot, though. I think I’ll see if I can’t play a little game with The Jackass With The Dragon Tattoo…

Age 20

Goodbye, meat arm. You’ve done me great service, but I’m looking for something a little less burnable.

Age 21

oKAY. This has been a month. Those new guys I was supplying? Used my equipment to knock over the local corp. Sounds like it was a great scheme, except the corp knows I was on the supplier’s end of it. Gotta start watching my back more than usual, they’ll undoubtedly try something at some point… Or I could just move outta town. I may have to see about talking to the guys who knocked them over. I require a certain level of discretion to stay in business, and they could perhaps be reminded of that.

Age 22

I honestly can’t believe it. I ran into Nazo again today. It’s been seven years–but he recognized me, new look and all. He’s currently training to eventually join Trauma Team. I can’t believe he’s still such a sweetheart. He’s still as good a gamer as ever; whupped my ass at the couple hands of cards we played. We’re meeting up again Saturday.

I still have the pendant he asked me to keep.

Cherry Bomb by Jason Cutrone

Role: Corp

INT 10; REF 8; TECH 7; COOL 10; ATTR 8; LUCK 10; MA 6; BODY 8; EMP 8

Run 24; Leap 6; Lift 320; Save 8; BTM -3

Skills: Resources 6 (16), Personal Grooming 5 (13), Wardrobe & Style 4 (12), Intimidate 4 (14), Resist Torture/Drugs 2 (12), Human Perception 5 (13), Interview 2 (10), Leadership 2 (10), Social 3 (13), Persuasion & Fast Talk 4 (14), Awareness/Notice 5 (15), Education & General Knowledge 4 (14), Language (Mandarin) 1 (11)*, Language (French) 1 (11)*, Library Search 2 (12), Stock Market 2 (12), Athletics 2 (10), Dodge/Escape 2 (10), Handgun 2 (10)


  • Biomonitor
  • Nasal Filters
  • Chipware Socket w/ Level 1 Language (Mandarin) & Level 1 Language (French) chips installed (marked in skill list with *)

Gear: Federated Arms X-9mm, Businesswear, Heavy Leathers, Kevlar T-shirt, Cell phone w/ service

Lifestyle: 1 Room Condo in Moderate Zone w/ Utilities, CredChip Service, Generic PrePak food.

Style: Corporate suits. Long, straight hair. Fingerless gloves. Latino ethinicity.

Motivations: Picky, fussy, and nervous. Values mentor most. Values money. Neutral feelings about others. Values a letter most.

Background/Life Events: 

“Congratulations. You’ve finally done it. You’ve finally turned over the right stone, picked up the right key, wormed it through the right lock on the right door, and stumbled upon this – my little league roster. I’d say congrats, but by going through all this trouble, you’ve essentially signed your own death warrant, so. There’s that. [ADDENDUM: STILL ALIVE, SHITHEAD.]

You might be wondering why I wrote everything down. Every night that I’ve lived, every score that I’ve ever known, every two-bit rocker or corpcog that passed through my door. If not, well…

Suffice it to say you’re not even half as curious as I thought you’d be. I did it because even if, thanks to Bradbury, everyone and their grandmother knows paper burns at Fahrenheit 451, these records are realer than any of the ones and zeroes that make up a text doc. They’re truer than any of the pixels in a vid, or bytes in a recording – they can’t ever be doctored or modified. My handwriting’s too fucked for anyone to properly forge (yes even those “special eyes” havin’ motherfuckers [ADDENDUM: IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGE, YES; IMPOSSIBLE TO COPY, ONLY IF YOU’RE WEAK]) and the paper too sensitive for all but my hand. Mainly because any ink outside of the batches I make will burn through it like nobody’s business. And also because this trove is nobody’s business but mine. It’s more than a ledger in my eyes. It’s a legacy. A final reminder to a world lost in steel and cyberware that there once was a man who was dumb enough to think his word ever mattered, but smart enough to write it all down.

If you’re still reading this, I’ll do you a solid and give you a heads up – the motion sensors
directed at the hinges of the door you opened have just about finished contacting literally every one of my hundreds of associates that’re still within a four hundred mile radius of Night City (some of whose biographies, life’s accomplishments, and other forms of… sensitive information are within these assembled volumes), notifying them of your intrusion. Hope Trauma Team’s got your back. Even then, pray car 0686 doesn’t come to pick you up. I hear their driver owes a friend of mine.
Sleep tight, basket case. [ADDENDUM: AGAIN, STILL ALIVE.]


Selected Excerpts from the Lockheed & Larson Chronicle

Handle: Cherry Bomb
Initial impressions: Smartly dressed. The semi-best in business wear. Professional. Dark,
naturally black hair. Long, straight. Falls on her shoulders like limp spaghetti, though that could be the rain’s fault. Eyes like any other – could get lost in a crowd, were it not for the fact that she’s built like a daydream. Skin is sun-kissed and healthy, well hydrated and tended to. Barely any cyberware visible.

Nervous and shivering demeanor, though again, rain. Says she has to remember what Ms. Bellwether taught her in 9th grade. Doesn’t elaborate when asked, but she obviously holds the advice in high regard. [ADDENDUM: NOT GONNA LIE, KINDA SWEET.] Catch her whispering “don’t blow up,” throughout our interview. Mantra or sage advice?
Closer Inspection: Dome tech’d up b/c of past trauma. Father became the protective type after she dropped off the face of the earth for 3 months when she turned 18. Family claims kidnapping, but it runs deeper than that. Old blood feud type shit. Not sure it’s patched up, but she came out of it on the right side of the ground, so.

Wife of two years, girlfriend of seven, sent her our way – former solo, apparently (handle
unfamiliar to me… ask around after “Bottle Rocket”). Gave up the game to host personal
defense seminars. No kids on the way, so schedule should be nice and open. Has a younger cousin that she lived with for a while before she tied the knot. Keeps in touch as best she can. Friends in high and low places. Cross, an Associate, runs the numbers for her office (Benjamin, not Criss) [ADDENDUM: WELL THAT’S TWO MORE NAMES I HAVEN’T SEEN BEFORE. HOW BIG IS THIS GODDAMNED CHRONICLE?]. She even gets some nods from the mayor’s office, occasionally and usually in an unofficial capacity. Found a contact there shortly after her unfortunate disappearance. Could be useful, could be not so useful. Interesting nonetheless.

Also has a way with people. Told me the story of her and some other Corp by the name of
Catherine Wheel. How they both wanted to be with the same girl (“Bottle Rocket”) and how they hated each other for years because it got so ugly. I don’t ask for details.
Cat loses out, our interviewee waits a while to pop the question because, “Well, wouldn’t you?” Then the happy couple finally gets around to it and guess who she invites as the maid of honor? “[Her cousin] Rosario, of course, but Catherine got a seat in the nosebleeds.” She fancies herself a comedian. They buried the hatchet at the reception.
No outstandingly dangerous enemies to note, though one pain in the ass apparently stole the spotlight from her for a hot minute. She still hasn’t gotten over it. Not petty, just… particular, I guess. Not so coincidentally, that glory hog was from the family that orchestrated her disappearance way back when. Two houses both alike in dignity…

Final Assessment: Assets are substantial, even given current 700 eurodollar debt (maintains it was absolutely necessary for purchase of engagement ring) [ADDENDUM: IT’S A FUCKIN’ RACKET, MAN]. Social graces are nearly infinite. No wonder she made manager in 6 months. Bright future ahead for this little firecracker. If you need to call someone who can finagle a few fine lines, she better be number one or two.

Biographical Information: See Relevant Supplements, located in folders A28, C33, G12, and H7.
Chronicler: Lockheed

Relevant Supplement A28 – Past and Current Associations
Name: Catherine Wheel
Descriptors: High Fashion, Bald, assorted and extensive Mirrorshade collection, Hispanic American, Friendly and Outgoing
Observations: Values herself and love, but hates almost everyone
Treasured Possession: Particularly expensive Mirrorshades given to her by C.B. after the hatchet was buried
Past History: C.B. stole the affections of “Bottle Rocket” from Catherine, causing a significant rift between the two – so much so that C.B. claims that, as secretary to the Commissioner of NCPD’s 4th Precinct, Catherine actively harassed her corp with information requests under the guise of amassing data for ongoing investigations on behalf of the NCPD. This is pure speculation on C.B.’s part, but bad blood existed until the event described during the interview process.

Name: Rosario
Descriptors: Jumpsuit junky, Wild & All Over hairstyle, assorted and extensive Weird Contact Lense collection, Black American, Shy and Secretive
Observations: Values her sister (name unknown – presumed dead given responses by C.B. during interview) and Money, doesn’t feel the need to depend on anyone.

Treasured Possession: A collection of earrings gifted to her by her sister

Past History: Former Roommate of C.B. – daughter of her uncle (name unknown). C.B. reticent on numerous details, but until such time as this cousin becomes relevant, any gaps in information should be regarded as inconsequential.

Handle: Benjamin Cross

(Current Associate of L&L; Significant Biographical Information Withheld)

Name: Unknown; Designation until further notice: Glory Hog
Descriptors: Normal Clothes, Striped Hairstyle, wears fingerless gloves identical to C.B. (much to the latter’s annoyance), European, Friendly and Outgoing
Observations: Reveres her superiors within their Corp – personal hero? – and values her word, even though she has no strong feelings toward coworkers or people in general
Treasured Possession: Direct quote from C.B.: “… Always walking around the office with some little fucking Allen Wrench kit. Who the fuck even has those anymore, y’know?”
Past History: Unknown slight perpetrated against C.B. Not severe enough to warrant direct retaliation, but this in combination with the bad blood between families seems to exacerbate feelings of resentment towards Glory. Will recommend utilization of L&L services, should tensions continue to rise.

Cherry Bomb by Kevin Demanko

Role: Fixer

INT 8; REF 9; TECH 7; COOL 8; ATTR 8; LUCK 10; MA 8; BODY 7; EMP 8 (10)

Run 24; Leap 6; Lift 230; Save 7; BTM -2

Skills: Streetdeal 7 (15),  Personal Grooming 3 (11),  Wardrobe & Style 2 (10),  Intimidate 3 (11),  Streetwise 5 (13), Human Perception 3 (11) ,  Persuasion & Fast Talk 6 (14),  Awareness/Notice 4 (12),  Brawling 1 (10),  Handgun 5 (14), Melee 2 (11), Submachinegun 4 (13), Forgery 4 (11),  Pick Lock 5 (12),  Pick Pocket 3 (10)


  • Neural Processor w/ Vehicle Link; DataTerm Link
  • Interface Plugs (wrists)
  • Contraceptive Implant
  • Cyberoptic (Left Eye) w/ Times Square Marquee

Gear: Sternmeyer Type 35, Ingram Mac 14, 250 rounds, Pistol Holster, Shoulder Sling, Light Armor Jacket, Steel Helmet, Leisurewear, High Fashion Earrings, Pocket Computer, Cellular Phone (2 months service), Nylon Carrybag, Sleeping Bag, Inflatable Bed

Style: Hair wild and all over. Fond of Earrings. Japanese/Korean Ethnicity.

Motivations: Stable and serious. Values no one. Values her word. Feels people are obstacles if they cross her. Values her earrings.

Background/Life Events: Nomad who grew up on the streets without her parents on the edges of Corporate suburbia. Family killed by Yakuza. Has two friends made early in life as well as a happy love affair. Was sent to jail for seven months at 21. A second romance ended poorly. A third romance ended in her lover betraying her.

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