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From the Screamsheets, 5/26/2019

You may need to battle your overgrown hedges but you can still read From the Screamsheets, our regular look at R. Talsorian Games news and excitement!

This week we’ll be sharing art from the R. Talsorian Games archives and some news from the annual RTG company summit!

We’ll also be making some pretty big announcements regarding product releases and, of course, we’ll have our trivia contest where you might just win a PDF from our collection!

Let’s jump in the deep end, shall we?

From the Archives

Our media ambassador had an opportunity to crack open the R. Talsorian Games art archives! Below is a gallery of some of the amazing original art he found for Castle Falkenstein, Cybergeneration, Mekton, and, of course, Cyberpunk! Some of it has never been seen before! All presented as taken, with no editing (and thus some of it is sideways).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gathering the Crew

Talsorian Games held their annual company summit last weekend and the results were extraordinary. We’ll be announcing more of what we planned later but, for now, have a look at some of the amazing people present.

Photo May 18, 8 55 37 PM

From left to right are: Dave Ackerman (Cyberpunk expert and production consultant), Mike Pondsmith (the man himself), Cody Pondsmith (against the wall), Jaye Kovach (art director, sitting in a chair in front of Cody), Aron Tarbuck (retail consultant, sitting in a chair behind Jaye), James Hutt (staff writer), and Lisa Pondsmith (business manager and amazing person).

Release Schedule

The biggest news to come out of the R. Talsorian Games summit involves our upcoming releases! We’re going to break this down in order.

The Witcher

  • The official release date for our GM screen + game options expansion for The Witcher TRPG, titled Lords and Lands, is August 1st. It’ll debut at our booth (1852!) at GenCon and online at the same time. Lords and Lands will include a four panel, portrait GM screen with everything a GM needs on one side and some amazing Witcher art from CD Projekt Red on the other. It will come with a booklet containing rules for playing Halflings, a new Profession (the Noble), new items from Rodolf’s wagon, and rules to help GMs incorporate “everyman NPCs” into their campaigns.
  • A Witcher’s Journal, our bestiary for the game, was originally slated to be released at GenCon 2019 but has been delayed until later in the year. The reason for the delay? We can’t tell you yet, but when we do, it will blow minds. Believe me, everyone, there’s a really good reason for it!


We had targeted the release of the Cyberpunk Red core rulebook for GenCon 2019 but, unfortunately, it won’t be ready in time. Details involving lore are still being worked out with our partners at CD Projekt Red. We’ve also decided to take our time with the art, to make sure this book is as beautiful as it deserves to be. How beautiful? Take a look at this piece, which was commissioned for Cyberpunk Red.


In other words, we’ve said all along we’ll put Cyberpunk Red back in the oven if it needs more time to bake and it needs more time.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t something Red dropping on August 1st!

Announcing the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit!

Starter boxes have returned to the RPG hobby lately and we wanted in! After all, they make perfect sense: they’re a great way for players to learn about a world and system at a much lower price than a full color hardcover. The Jumpstart Kit will serve as an introduction to the world of Cyberpunk Red for old fans and new fans alike!

The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit will include:

  • One book containing basic rules for play including task resolution, the basics of combat, and a system for netrunning!
  •  One book containing lore including information about how the world of Cyberpunk has evolved since the end of the 4th Corporate War!
  • Six pregenerated characters: the Rocker, the Nomad, the Solo, the Fixer, the Tech, and the Netrunner. And the nice part? We’re including an abbreviated Lifepath and some basic customization rules so you can make these pregens your own!
  • A quick reference sheet to make it easy to refresh your memory about a rule without having to look it up!
  • Dice to play! 2 ten-siders. 4 six-siders. Obviously, these won’t be in the digital version.
  • And more surprises, yet to be revealed!

The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit will debut at our booth (1852!)  at GenCon 2019 and will be available in digital format from DriveThruRPG at the same time.

Speaking of GenCon…

We do have over fifty events, including games of Cyberpunk Red, Castle Falkenstein, and the Witcher TRPG planned for Gen Con. Unfortunately, we did submit our events later than expected so we’re still waiting for them to be assigned rooms. As soon as they’re ready to be signed up for, we’ll announce it loud to the world. So, watch this space!

Trivia Contest

And, finally, our trivia contest!

At the end of each From the Screamsheets, we ask a trivia question and invite people to send in their answers. From the correct answers received, we randomly pick one winner to receive one currently published R. Talsorian Games PDF of their choice. Last question:

Where was Rache Bartmoss when he died?

Answer: In a fridge!

This week’s winner is Logan Grannis, who will be receiving a copy of the Maximum Metal PDF!

Onto this week’s question!

In Cyberpunk, what city was devastated by a bioplague in 2012?

If you think you know the answer, fill out the form below! We’ll pick one winner at random from all the correct answers and send them their PDF of choice. Please remember, only PDFs currently for sale can be chosen as a prize.

That’s it for this week! We’ll see everyone next weekend. Until then, keep your sword sharp and stay safe on the streets!

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