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Witcher Wednesday: An Investigation

Welcome to Witcher Wednesday! On Wednesdays, between now until GenCon 2019, we’ll take a look at what’s on deck for the Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

This week? We investigate the truth behind the myth. Does the Lords and Lands supplement for The Witcher TRPG exist? The results may shock you!


A package mysteriously appeared in our office overnight. Inside we found shrinkwrapped treasure! Eagerly, we tore the wrap off of one copy and delved into the secrets contained within…


Inside, we discovered a beautiful, thick and sturdy, four panel Gamemaster’s Screen! On the Player’s side we feasted our eyes upon gorgeous art…


On the Gamemaster’s side, we discovered all manner of useful tables and information plus beautiful paintings, all displayed in an attractive manner…


And even then, we were not through with our exploration! Included with the Screen was a booklet revealing new secrets for the Witcher TRPG! What secrets? This one photograph must suffice for now but, needless to say, further pages exist with even more bounty to enhance the game!

And there you have it! Physical proof the Lords and Lands Expansion for the Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game does, indeed, exist!

Lords and Lands will debut at GenCon 2019 (booth 1852!). It will be available online as a digital download via DriveThruRPG on August 1st. We’re working to get it into our own webstore as well as other retail outlets as soon as we can after GenCon.

Until next time, remember to keep your swords sharp!

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