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RTG Insanity at GenCon 2019!

Hello! Instead of Witcher Wednesday this week, we decided to wait a day and talk about our GenCon Goodies! R. Talsorian Games will be at GenCon 2019! You’ll find us in booth 1852. That’s at the back of the hall, in front of the service desk. We’re also running a number of games and seminars throughout the convention!


Our Events

You can find a full list of the Events we’re running here:

Currently, we’ve still got 14 Cyberpunk Red games with seats still available.

There’s also still tickets available for all three of our seminars.

The Witcher Q&A seminar is on Saturday from 11am to noon. Cody Pondsmith, our Witcher guru wants nothing more than to just have people come and talk Witcher with him and to share some tidbits about our upcoming books in the line.

The R. Talsorian Games in Conversation seminar is on Saturday from 3pm to 4pm. If you can’t make it to the other two seminars, this is a good chance to catch up on company news and ask questions of the RTG team.

The All Things Cyberpunk seminar on Saturday and runs from 5pm to 7pm. Come and talk to Mike and our Cyberpunk team! There might just be a surprise or two. I promise, there’s a reason this seminar is two hours long!

Goodies and Deals at the Booth

But wait, as they say, there’s more! We’ve got swag! We’ve got discounts! We’ve got Mike Pondsmith on the rare occasion we can get him to stay in one place for more than a darn second! Here’s the swag and discounts we’re offering at our booth this year.

  • Dice! We’re bringing limited edition d10s with us this year! We’ve got Cyberpunk d10s and Witcher d10s made for us by Q Workshop! You’re allowed to pick one die (Cyberpunk or Witcher, your choice) as a free bonus with your purchase*.
  • Ribbons! My goodness, we are hopping on the ribbon train this year! We’ve bringing eight amazing ribbons with us to GenCon. Anyone who visits our booth can pick one Witcher-themed ribbon and one Cyberpunk-themed ribbon for free*. Any additional ribbons will cost $.25 each. How amazing are these ribbons? Check out the image below!


*Dice and ribbons will only be available while supplies last.

  • Our partners at Syrinscape have finished the first Cyberpunk-themed soundset, the Forlorn Hope and it. Sounds. AMAZING! Better yet, anyone who purchases the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit at our booth will receive a voucher to pick up the Forlorn Hope soundset FOR FREE! Seriously. The Dark Future has never sounded so good.
  • That’s not the end of the deals, though! We’re experimenting with a new idea this year. Anyone who purchases the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit at our booth will receive a discount code allowing them to purchase the digital version of the Jumpstart Kit at DriveThruRPG for ½ off the normal price (which is already ½ off the physical price!). The same holds true for the Lords and Lands expansion for the Witcher TRPG. Purchase the physical version at our booth and you’ll get a code discounting the digital version to half off.

And we’re not done yet!

  • We’ve only got so much storage space in our booth, so we’re having to be frugal about which books and how many of each we bring. We recognize its very possible a book you might want could be gone by the time you make it to our booth. By way of apology, there will be a discount code posted at our booth. Use that code at our webstore and you’ll get 10% off your order. The code will only be good through the end of GenCon, though, and won’t cover either the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit or the Lords and Lands expansion.
  • Finally, if you were at Jackalope’s Night City Cyberpunk 2020 LARP and will be at GenCon, bring your Night City identity card with you to the booth and show it off. It is good for 10% off your purchase at the booth itself.

Honestly, we’re pretty darn excited for GenCon this year. We’ve got more games, more events, and more swag and deals going on at our booth than ever before. Please come and join us!

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  1. I can’t wait to arrive at GenCon, sprint to your booth, buy your stuff, and then cry tears of joy over my new happy fun items!

  2. Is there anyway to still get the ribbons or d10s? I am quite interested in acquiring some.

    • The d10s, no. Those were exclusive and we gave them all away. The ribbons will show up at future conventions.

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