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Cyberpunk 2020 Survey Results

We’ve done a few different surveys, asking what your favorite this or thats were in Cyberpunk 2020. Here’s the results!

Favorite Cyberware (Mister Studd/Midnight Lady was removed from the options because we knew it would be #1 otherwise)

  1. Skinweave

  2. Speedware

  3. Chipware Socket or Smartgun Link (tie)

  4. Interface Plugs, BigRipp, ChainRipp, or Wolvers (tie)

  5. Muscle and Bone Lace

  6. Cyberoptics

  7. Cyberarm or Rippers (tie)

  8. Nanosurgeons or Times Square Marquee (tie)

  9. Full Borg Conversion

  10. Neural Processor, Cyberskates, or Speeding Bullet Legs (tie)

Favorite Firearms

  1. Malorian Arms 3516 or Colt AMT 2000 (tie)

  2. FN-RAL Heavy Assault Rifle

  3. Noma 15mm Long Rifle

  4. Royal Enfield Ordinance Spitfire 12mm Battle Pistol

  5. Nova Model 757 City Hunter

  6. Armalite 44, Militech Ronin, or Tsunami Arms Helix (tie)

  7. H&K MPK-2020 SMG, Militech Bulldog, Militech Crusher, or Sternmeyer T35 (tie)

Favorite Cyberdeck Programs

  1. Igor, Lich, or Replicator (tie)

  2. Hellhound

  3. Viral 15, Worm, Succubus, Murphy, or Dee-2 (tie)

Favorite Non-Combat Skills

  1. Persuasion/Fast Talk

  2. Awareness/Notice or Wardrobe & Style (tie)

  3. Basic Tech, Electronic Security, First Aid, Personal Grooming, Seduction, or Streetwise (tie)

  4. Shadow/Track

  5. Driving




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