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From the Screamsheets: May 2020

You may be digging for fossils on someone else’s island but you can still read From the Screamsheets, our monthly look at news about R. Talsorian Games and the stuff we make!

This month we’ve got creative people playing our games for your entertainment, another chance to pick up some cool miniatures early, an upcoming Cyberpunk Red preview, and some free products throughout the month!

Let’s jump into it!

Celebrity Actual Plays

RTG has been playing a bunch of games lately! We’ll start with Mike Pondsmith, who has run two sessions of Cyberpunk Red for Matthew Lillard (Hackers, Scooby Doo), Noura Ibrahim (LA By Night), Luke Gygax (the head honcho of GaryCon), Beast (Man of Mystery), Jason Azevedo (Realmsmith), and John Kovaleski (CEO of Monster Fight Club)! Part 1 is up on YouTube.

Currently, part 2 is only available as video-on-demand on Twitch but it’ll go up on YouTube soon. Here’s the Twitch link:

There’s going to be a part 3 and that’s being planned now.

A Very Literary Castle Falkenstein Game!

Our media ambassador and steward of Castle Falkenstein, J Gray, assembled a team of literary titans, including Gail Simone (Birds of PreySecret Six), Mercedes Lackey (the Valdemar novels), Chris Spivey (Harlem Unbound), Larry Dixon (The Mage Wars), and Jody Lynn Nye (Mythology 101MythAdventures).

Together, this amazing team of writers raised over $500 to buy Girl Scout cookies as a thank you to the health care workers on the front lines of the present crisis.

The first episode is currently available on Twitch and will hit YouTube soon. Here’s the Twitch link:

The finale of the adventure will be broadcast live at on 5/3 at 5pm ET. During this session, we’ll be raising money for the World Central Kitchen.

Comics for a Cause

Our final game features J Gray again, this time playing the original Marvel Superheroes RPG (aka FASERIP) with some comic and animation pros! The game was run by David Gallaher (Only Living BoyGreen Lantern Corps) and in addition to J, featured Kat Cahill (Time2TabletopI Hate Gallant Girl), Jamar Nicholas (Leon: Protector of the PlaugroundFist Stick Knife Gun), Jonathan Callan (Young Justice, Justice League Action), Jackson Lanzing (Star Trek: Year FiveGreen Arrow), Daniel R. Faust (Kung Fu: Enter the Dojo, Untitled Opinion), and GrimJack (Witcher: Family of Wraiths, Teenagers from Outerspace: Aces High)

The group came together to raise money to give to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation and has, so far, raised over $1000! The first session is on YouTube.

The second session is currently on Twitch and will come to YouTube soon. The Twitch video is here:

The campaign finale will happen later in May.

Pick Up Some Minis

Due to popular demand, our partners over at Monster Fight Club have brought back their presale of the Cyberpunk Red miniature line! For a limited time, you can grab the Jumpstart Set 1Jumpstart Set 2, the Team Monster miniatures (as a set or individually), and the Maximum Mike and Cyberdog set. The Team Monster and Maximum Mike sets are limited edition and probably won’t hit stores in the future.


You can grab the miniatures over at Monster Fight Club’s site.

A Cyberpunk Red Preview

On May 15, the cast of WanderingDM’s Cyberpunk Red game will be previewing the character generation system from the Cyberpunk Red core rulebook! You can catch it at 8pm over at

Free Stuff!

There’s a crisis going on and being stuck in one place can be physically and emotionally draining. To help recharge your batteries, we’ve made Teenagers from Outerspace free for the last several weeks. That will be ending today. In its place, we’ll be offering one specific digital offering from our collection free each week this month. We’ll be announcing the first book later today on our social media so please follow us so you can see what title’s going onto your hard drive at no cost!

Our Twitter:

Our Facebook:

That’s all for today! Come back each Friday this month for new information and content! We start off each month with From the Screamsheets and each Friday after we post either news and behind the scenes peeks or new DLC for one of our games.

Until next time, keep your swords sharp, brush up on your manners, and stay safe in your home!

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  1. Do we get the character sheets for the celebrity stream too? Would love to pick up cereal killer’s mini and be able to play it… will there be other hacker characters as well? Like zero cool.

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