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A Witcher’s Journal: A Preview

Hello, friends!

The time has come! A Witcher’s Journal, our bestiary for The Witcher TRPG has finished printing and is working its way to our warehouse. As soon as it arrives we’ll be able to announce an official release date but it won’t be too much longer. We’re talking a matter of weeks, not months.

What’s that, you say? You’d like a preview?

We’d be happy to oblige!

We begin with an introduction by Rodolf Kazmer, explaining how he found the journal of Erland of Larvik, one of the first witchers and the founder of the Gryphon school. From there, Erland describes his life from the day he was sold to mages to the day he became a witcher to the end of “the Golden Age”.

Next comes a bit about reading monsters.

Then comes the fun part! As we did in the core rulebook, we’ve divided the monsters up by type. Necrophages, Specters, and so forth. Interspaced between the monster types you’ll find additional stories from Erland about the encounters he and his companions have had with various creatures.

Starting on page 125, we move to True Dragons and Higher Vampires. These powerful beings each have their own Lifepath system so you can create a truly unique ally or enemy for your campaign.

For the craftspeople, alchemists, mages, and witchers out there, we next cover components and mutagens involving the new creatures from the book (or, at least, parts of them!)

That’s followed by the new Investigation System, designed to help Gamemasters create and manage mysteries ranging from monster hunts to murders.

The book ends with a series of contract postings, designed to be used as in-game props and inspire GMs to create new adventures!

What’s that you say? You didn’t get enough of a preview with us describing the book? Fine. Fine. You’ve been patient so we think we can sneak you the full statblock (and absolutely freaking gorgeous artwork) for a creature never before fully seen in the Witcher universe before. The Vendigo. Just click on the file below to download it.


Until next time, keep your swords sharp.

6 thoughts on “A Witcher’s Journal: A Preview Leave a comment

  1. Omg! That Vendigo gives me the chills…can’t wait to throw it at my players one day xD But it all sounds really epic! Looking forward to the release!

  2. Hi Talsorian team! When are you planning to release the digital version of this book? So anxious to get it…

  3. I am SO hype for this! The vendigo looks absolutely terrifying and my party has to make a trip to the Blue Mountains at some point. Can’t wait to inflict that upon them.

  4. Can’t wait to get my hands on this! We’re 18 months into our campaign, in our third season, and I really need something new to throw at my victims – I mean ‘players’.

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