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Cyberpunk RED Status Update 10/06

>run cyberpunk_red_status_update.exe


design……….100% complete

playtesting……….100% complete

writing……….100% complete

art……….100% complete

editing……….100% complete

layout……….100% complete

Current Status: manuscript delivered to printer

That’s right, choombas! The manuscript for Cyberpunk RED is complete and stitched together and sent to the printer!

What does this mean? It means we’ve entered “the proofing stage”. That’s where the printer goes through the manuscript, searching for any issues that might crop up during the production process. They’ll send notes. We’ll make fixes and send back a new file. They’ll proof a second time.

Once both sides (the printer and RTG) sign off on the final proof, we’ll have a sharper idea on the “for sale” date on Cyberpunk RED. As soon as we know, we’ll announce it to everyone!

In the meanwhile… you’ve all been so patient, you certainly deserve a reward! How about a map of Night City circa 2045?

Until next time, choombas, stay safe on the streets!




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  1. Thanks for the update! Really looking forward to getting my hands on the PDF version. 🙂

    The map looks a lot like the 2077 version. But what’s the scale? The computer game is obviously shrunk down in size compared to a real city, but a tabletop version wouldn’t be, right? Are we seeing around five million people living in the area above? And what happened to North Oak? The area has changed quite a bit since 2020. Del Coronado Bay looks like a small inlet, while San Morro Bay looks like a very wide, artificial canal, giving Night City that classic medieval city-on-an-island look.

  2. Yes very excited! Played through the Apartment from Jumpstart Kit on Roll20 – Cyberpunk Red is a great game for that platform and my players really want the new game so they can create their own characters 😀

  3. Watson is where the old city of North Oak and the Norcal military base used to be, I think. Also it looks like North Oaks in 2077 is not the same place as North Oak in 2020, which appears to be the Watson development in Red?

  4. Man, it feels so close now I can practically taste the chrome…

    Though can I just ask something to consider during this time – Form-Fillable PDF Character Sheets… I’m sure you guys are on the case, but in light of the current pandemic, distanced gaming is currently the norm and fillable character sheets that can be saved electronically are a ‘must have’ right now…
    I know you’re super-busy finishing the product, but such character sheets available at time of release would be greatly appreciated as I’m hoping to run a game a soon as I can, and it has been difficult to do with the Jumpstart pre-gen PDFs not being fillable.

    Really looking forward to the core rulebook release, can’t wait! Sad as it may seem, I’m also really stoked to finally have a version of Cyberpunk in hardback 🙂 Mmmm, glossy colour hardback…

  5. if i bought a physical version would i get the pdf version for free or for a discount or do i have to buy it separately for full price

  6. Do you have a new GM Screen (Data Screen) in the works for also? If so, will it launch with the Cyberpunk Red book?

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