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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Books and Chairs

Hey, choombas! We’ve got some good news and some new toys for you in today’s Cyberpunk RED Alert.

Back in Stock!

We got a present from our printer! Boxes and boxes full of Cyberpunk RED have hit the warehouse and are shipping out to distributors and retailers across the world. Which means we’ve got it back up for sale in our webstore as well! The second print run was bigger than the first, so hopefully this time the stock will last a bit longer.

To answer questions we know will come up: Yes, these are second printing with all current errata incorporated inside. You’ll be able to tell by referencing the title page. The printing is listed at the bottom, at the top of the black bar. No, we can’t tell you if what a store has is the first or second printing nor can they tell by just checking the cover. The only way to know is to look inside the book.

A New DLC!

What’s better than being able to buy physical copies of the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook? Getting free, new toys for your Cyberpunk RED game! We’ve worked with Sara Thompson, one of our freelance writers on the Witcher TRPG line and an advocate for disability representation in gaming to create the Rocklin Augments Cyberchair line, ready for use in any Cyberpunk RED session. Check out the beauty that is the Rocklin Augmentics Spider Cyberchair!

The Rocklin Augmentics Spider Cyberchair by Adrian Marc

You can download the Cyberchair DLC by clicking here.

That’s it for today, choombas! Have a great weekend and stay safe on The Street!




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  1. How many words in errata would you say differs between the first and second printing?
    I ask, so that I can determine whether also buying the second printing would be worthwhile.

    • You can find the full errata document in the errata section of this site. It’ll give you a solid idea of what’s changed.

  2. Hi, folks! I’m a Canadian and shipping seems pretty steep. Any idea when the second print might be available on the Canadian market (or make it’s way to Amazon?

    • Hello there! We shipped an order to our Canadian distributor, Lion Rampant, today. There’s no telling exactly how long it will take to get across the border due to the pandemic but as soon as it reaches them they should be sending it out to stores.

  3. Hey! Have you sent anything to Arkhane Asylum for the French translation? Looking forward to get my hands on this beauty

  4. So, just to clarify: the second printing represents version 1.24 of the content, neither more nor less?

  5. Choombas!

    Where can I get the second edition in the UK. I reached out to a retailer and quoted the blog post in which they replied… yeh it’s the first edition.

    How come you guys don’t stock on amazon UK?

    I would buy from your store but the shipping is more expensive than the actual book.

    Thanks guys…

    • Hello there! At the moment, probably no where in Europe. Stores order from distributors who order from us and all do so according to need. Because of COVID and Brexit, it took a while for the 1st printing to get to the UK and into stores. Until they run low/out they likely won’t order new copies.

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