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Tales of the RED Update: The Numbers

Happy Friday, choombas! We’re here with our second to last preview of Tales of the RED! These week, we’re going to share some numbers about our upcoming book of full-length missions. By the time we’re done you’ll have a better idea of how big it is and how much Cyberpunk RED action we’ve crammed inside!

Let’s start with a look at the table of contents. By the way, if you think it doesn’t look robust enough don’t worry. Each Mission has its own table of contents.

The Table of Contents page from Tales of the RED: Street Stories. Night at the Opera page 5. Agents of Desire page 19. A Bucket Full of Popcorn-Flavored Kibble page 37. Drummer and the Whale page 51. Haven't Got a Stitch to Wear page 73. Reaping the Reaper page 91. Staying Vigilant page 111. Bathed in Red page 127. One Red Night page 149. Appendix A: Mooks and Defenses page 171. Appendix B: Locations page 175. Appendix C: Biographies page 181.

As you can see, there’s nine Missions and three Appendixes in Tales of the RED: Street Stories and from the art, hopefully you can see just how much variety there is in terms of theme and plot! Here’s some more numbers.

  • Number of Missions: 9
  • Number of Pages: 196
  • Unique Pieces of Art (including maps and in-world ads): 83
  • Shortest Mission: 13 pages
  • Longest Mission: 21 pages
  • Number of Named NPCs: 89
  • Number of Important Locations: 41
  • Number of Stat Blocks (including drones, vehicles, mooks, and defenses): 62
  • Number of NET Architectures: 14
  • Number of Sidebars: 47
  • Number of Hyperlinks in the PDF version: Hundreds. We honestly didn’t count them all but so many!

That’s all for this week! Tales of the RED: Street Stories will debut in physical format at Gen Con (booth 1841!) on August 4th and our hope is it’ll start hitting stores a few weeks later. The digital debut will be on DriveThruRPG on August 4th as well and we’ll be uploading it to Bits and Mortar at the same time, so if your store is taking pre-orders and participates they can share the PDF with you right away! Physical has a MSRP of $40. Digital will be $20.

That’s it for this week! We’ll be giving you one last peek inside next week. Until then, stay safe on The Street!

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