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Project: Blue Moon

The First World: Nakatsukuni

It’s hard to believe this is where it all started. Looking at the peaceful streets and the vibrant life it’s hard to imagine a time when this world was burning away to oblivion. To imagine great armies of humans and spirits waging a hopeless war against a corrupted deity employing once-peaceful creatures, twisted into a horde of mindless monsters, to collect souls for a traitorous Afterlife.
Yet, even now, this world still isn’t safe. The enemy continues to finds ways to slither past our defenses. In the wake of the Hundred Years of Sorrow and the Reunification Wars, this world struggles to recover. The wilderness is overgrown and perilous. The cities, tainted by an unrest born from years of fear and conflict. Despite our best efforts we cannot watch every dingy alley and dark corner.
But this isn’t our final stop. No, there’s quite a bit more for you to see before you begin. Return here on September 30th and step through the gate once more. To a world of steel and steam where the engines of innovation are fueled by the sacrifice of the masses. Where the enemy seeks to spark a revolution to will bring down history’s greatest empire and plunge the world into chaos.
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