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A Quick Update on Mekton Zero

We’ve been head down in layout (three products at once!) for the last week, but here are a few answers/updates as we slog towards Flawless Victory!

First, since some people have asked, the stat block on the Mekton Zero Mecha sheet (called a McCaslin Chart; which I’ll explain someday) is standard to all the mecha in Mekton Zero, but each mecha TYPE has its own table based on the abilities of its model. One way to think of it is as though each mecha model was a racial class in a typical fantasy game–a Mauler would be an “orc” racial type for example. We have included all the mecha (past and present) for the specific time period (Early Archipelago War) and location (Algol), but there are a slew of new types coming that were never, ever covered in any previous Mekton book. But yes, short of fiat, there will only be MC Charts for the ones we give you. We’re just giving you a ton of mecha to play with (more than we ever did short of the old Techbook)

We will also be talking soon about combat concepts in a bit more discussion, but since that’s going to be a long post, we’ll be doing that on this RTG blog-site instead of on the Kickstarter. The new system, (derived from the Mekton Cinematic system of years back), is fast, clean and with the addition of nifty things like Katas, really flows more like an anime combat than a wargame. Yet old hands can easily shift back to the regular Mekton Zeta system when they want. Our goal has always been to allow more flexible options, not replace the old systems.

You will also be seeing a pile of new mecha concept art as it comes in from Mark. It’s actually pretty amusing; the playtester groups have been having a ball customizing civilian units with their own special paint jobs (The Avengers, anyone?) and options.

Lastly, some of you have been asking if this new direction is a military as the original Mekton Zeta series. Frankly, this book is anything but military. For example, while we have military groups, we also have had a group of rich trader/industrialists, a group of monster hunters and a group of mecha “ranchers” (think “The Big Valley” TV show . A REALLY BIG VALLEY. With meks. And nine ton “cows.”)The opening adventure in the core book features smugglers, gangsters and a bunch of tough longshoremen! One of our playgroups is even working on a mecha-Formula 1 challenge! Remember–on Algol, mecha are EVERYWHERE.

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    • Mekton Zero is designed to progressively move through the Archipelago Wars, adding new mecha and characters as the “series” goes on. More like a real anime, where the only “canon” mecha are what are created by the animation team. However, you will be able to use Mekton Zeta to (as Mekton character Dak Terris would say) “make any darned-fool thing your lil heart desires” and bring it into YOUR Mekton Zero campaign. There’s even a special Ref-controlled character type to allow this in game.

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