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This video from Honest Trailers exactly captures why Pacific Rim is…AWESOME. And Dumb. And AWESOMELY DUMB.

And right here and now, I would like to thank my wife Lisa for telling me twenty years ago, “You should put ROBOT AND GIANT MONSTER FIGHTING in Mekton.”




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  1. I enjoyed Pacific Rim immensely. Forget for a second that the physics of ground pressure make the surface of the Earth act like a bog essentially to anthropomorphic objects weighing hundreds or thousands of tons, it was brilliant fun!
    I am going to write a comic, some day, that features super tanks vs giant robots under the premise that on the same budget one can always build a better tank than a robot. No one has had any trouble explaining why robots are cooler than tanks, but they have all failed to convince me that they would beat the tank under that rule. Given that it still defies reason, it will be a comedic parody of arms races. Good times.

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