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We’re Asking YOU…

We’re starting to lay out the mecha section of the core book, and we realized that we could set this section up in one of two ways. The first way is by TEAMS; list all the Elaran meks, then all the Kargan meks, then all the Ettarrans, etc. The second way would be by TYPE; all the Soldier class meks, then all the Heavy class meks, then all the Scout class, etc. We could go either way here, so we decided we’d ask YOU all.

The Polls are now closed! Looks like it’s Teams all the way. Thanks for your input!



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  1. As an alternative: Why not list them each alphabetically, then include tables at the beginning/end of the section which organize them by Team and by Type. That way, they’re fast to find if you know the name, and you can look them up by on the tables if you don’t.

    • The final call was by Teams, with Types organized the same way within teams. There will be a lot of new mecha coming along, so an alphabetical list would shortly become obsolete.

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