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Something Witcher This Way Comes

After time spent in development, writing, editing, playtesting, more editing, layout, still more editing, approval, and even more editing, R. Talsorian is proud to announce The Witcher TRPG has been sent to the printers!

We are working with the printer to ensure the R. Talsorian booth at GenCon will be stocked with copies of The Witcher. Quantities will be limited, though, so we recommend not waiting until Sunday to pick one up! You will find the R. Talsorian booth (#1752) at the back of the Exhibit Hall, just in front of the Exhibitor Service Center.

If you miss buying a copy at GenCon, don’t worry! We hope to have a digital (PDF) version available for purchase via DriveThruRPG/RPGNow either during or soon after the convention. And, of course, as soon as we have the full print run delivered and in the warehouse, we will post it for sale on the R. Talsorian store as well.

And, to whet your appetite for R. Talsorian’s newest roleplaying game, may we offer you a preview of the interior of the book?

See you at GenCon!



13 thoughts on “Something Witcher This Way Comes Leave a comment

    • Hello! R. Talsorian doesn’t sell directly via Amazon, so the presence of the Witcher TRPG there depends on if Amazon or one of their retail partners picks up the game and offers it for sale there. We have no real control over that.

  1. Is there a plan for EU customers? A reseller? I mean…. anything but ordering oversea!^^

    • We’ve got several partners in the EU who will be localizing the game into French, German, Polish, Italian, and Spanish. We’re also looking into ways to get the English book into the hands of distributors and stores in the EU. Once we have firmer plans, we’ll try to announce them.

      • Amazing. I really dislike core RPG books as PDFs and I’d love to buy a hardcopy version over here in the UK. I’ve been waiting for this for years!! ❤️

  2. I will be by the booth to hopefully get a copy or two Thursday. Thank you for the information.

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