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Join Us at GenCon!

R. Talsorian will be at GenCon in full force this year! Convention visitors can find us at our booth in the Exhibitor Hall. We’re #1752. That’s the very back of the hall, right in front of the Exhibitor Service Center.

We’ll also be offering a variety of events! Many are already filled but, as of this posting, the following games and seminars featuring R. Talsorian RPGs are still open. For the sake of convenience, the events are broken down by game system.

Castle Fakenstein

All tabletop sessions are currently sold out.

  • Paris in the Spring VII, an annual LARP run by R. Talsorian friend David Robbins, still has 17 tickets remaining as of this posting. Friday 1pm to 5pm. Event #LRP18129637.
  • What’s Coming Up For Castle Falkenstein, featuring creator Mike Pondsmith and Falkenstein Ambassador J Gray will discuss the future of the classic RPG, including the upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition. Plenty of seats left. Friday 5pm to 6pm. Event SEM18133253.

Cyberpunk 2020/Red

The Everything Cyberpunk seminar on Saturday is currently sold out, as are many of the Cyberpunk Chronicle games. The following games currently have open seats. All games will be played using a beta version of the Cyberpunk Red rules.


All tabletop sessions of Mekton are currently sold out.

  • The R. Talsorian crew will hold an Official Mekton Seminar to discuss the game and the future of the line. Plenty of seats remain. Thursday 5pm to 6pm. Event SEM18133251.

The Witcher Tabletop RPG

All tabletop sessions of the Witcher RPG are currently sold out.

  • The Witcher RPG Q&A currently has 18 seats open, as of this posting. Cody and Lisa Pondsmith will be discussing the newest RPG from R. Talsorian Games, what will be coming down the road for it, and will answer all questions. Friday 5pm to 6pm. Event SEM18133252.

You can find all R. Talsorian events, sold out and open, by clicking on this link.

And, of course, we’ll have a great selection of R. Talsorian books available at our booth. Please stop by and say hello when you can!


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