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TFOS is Forever Young!

While we’re excited for the upcoming release of The Witcher TRPGwe haven’t forgotten to give our other games a little love! A new scan of the cult classic roleplaying game, Teenagers from Outer Space, has been uploaded to DriveThruRPG. The new scan looks beautiful and really helps the zany artwork and insane wackiness of the game stand out as crisp, clear, and easy to read. For those of you keeping track, this is the third edition of Teenagers from Outer Space, originally released in 1997. That makes the game just old enough to legally drink in the United States!

Teenagers from Outer Space (TFOS for short) was first published in 1987, making it the second oldest of the R. Talsorian RPGs! In it, gamers get a chance to play as a human, near human alien, not very near human alien, or real wierdy alien in a high school where you’re as likely to take a class on the Temporal Mechanics of Shakespearean Sonnets as you are on good old American History. The game’s one part John Hughes film, one part anime comedy, and one part Galaxy High (look it up if you don’t know what that is!). Filled with bonk rays, extra-dimensional hammers, and frustrated hormones (remember, teenagers having sex isn’t funny but teenagers constantly getting interrupted just before getting to the good part is!), sessions of TFOS remain a treasured memory of many a gamer.

And at $10 for the PDF, it isn’t too expensive to find out why!

You can check out a little preview of the new scan below.


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  1. Back when I was in middle school and high school this was one of my favorite games. There were so many fun adventures. I cant help but feel like a TFOS revival during the major anime boom int the 2000s was a missed opportunity. Even still, I still have my well-loved copy on my shelf waiting for the next opportunity to play again.

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