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Our Developers Have Witcher Thoughts

With The Witcher TRPG set to officially debut on August 2nd at Gen Con, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the game. We’ve also read a few articles suggesting there hasn’t been a lot of information released about our newest RPG and that just isn’t true!

Of course, navigating a blog to find all the information you need can be difficult so we fully understand the confusion. To help clear things up and make it all easy to find, we’re going to post links to every Development Note we’ve written so far here in this post.

Before we get to the list, we do want to emphasis The Witcher TRPG is built on the Fuzion rule system but a lot has been changed and updated to help it fit the dark fantasy world the books and games are famous for.

Developer Note 1

Our lead developer, Cody Pondsmith, offers a preview of the races and professions available to players of the game.

Developer Note 2: A Sea of Content

Cody discusses taking inspiration from the games, books, and comics, and gives a quick breakdown of the content of the RPG core book.

Developer Note 3: Combat in the Witcher RPG

How dealing damage and healing it works in the game and how it differs from Cyberpunk 2020.

Developer Note 4

Information about relics and why they won’t work quite the same as in the video games.

Developer Note 5: The Feel of the Witcher

Cody offers his thoughts on capturing the feel of The Witcher series and how it differs from other fantasy settings.

Developer Note 6: Life Path

A look into how the Lifepath, an innovative background creation system introduced in previous R. Talsorian RPGs, has been adapted to work in The Witcher TRPG.

Developer Note 7: World States

In which Cody offers some insight into how the TRPG will handle the wide variety of possible outcomes players can experience in the video game series.

Developer Note 8

This one’s an apology for not being able to give more information. At the time, work called and writing needed to happen!

Developer Note 9: A Word From Lisa

Lisa Pondsmith, lore expert, talks about how to present countries in the TRPG and how to extrapolate information about a country which only receives a mention or two in the source material into a place players can visit.

Developer Note 10: Religion in Witcher

No fantasy RPG is complete without a look at religion. Here, the developers share a preview of the faiths practiced in the world of The Witcher.

Developer Note 11

A quick note about a meeting between R. Talsorian and CD Projekt Red.

Developer Note 12: Balance

Cody offers insight as to how to balance the line between the books and the video games as source material.

Developer Note 13: Witchers

Of course, you’ll be able to play a Witcher in the game. Here’s some insight into how that will work.

Developer Note 14: Nilfgaard

In The Witcher TRPG, you’ll have the option to play characters from the Northern Kingdoms but also from Nilfgaard and their vassal states. Here, we offer some thoughts about playing a character from the empire.

Developer Note 15: World States

Another look at the importance of allowing GMs to use the world they created for themselves in the video game in the TRPG. Of course, no prior experience with The Witcher is needed.

Developer Note 16: An Update

Creating an RPG isn’t all fun and games. There’s editing, playtesting, and layout. Cody talks a bit about that here.

Developer Note 17: Voices

Lisa Pondsmith reiterates how important it is to capture the “voice” of The Witcher. After all, this isn’t Lord of the Rings or Cyberpunk 2020. This is a unique world with a unique tone and it is our job to make a great game for both uberfan and newcomer to the series.

Witcher Around the World

A listing of some of our partners who will be localizing The Witcher TRPG in their home countries and languages.

Something Witcher This Way Comes

The official announcement of our August 2nd release of the game at Gen Con!


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