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Straight from the Screamsheets

Between The Witcher TRPG and CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 trailer and demo at E3, R. Talsorian and our games have been featured on a number of blogs and news sites! Here’s a collection of some of the best stories, straight from the screamsheets to you, choomba!


Mike Pondsmith visited San Francisco and the offices of geek entertainment media giant, IGN and treated them to a session of Cyberpunk the way only Maximum Mike can! It starts with an apartment building, moves onto a street brawl involving the Gilligans, and gets worse from there!

Photo courtesy of Jon Ryan and IGN.

IGNGameMike ran the game for IGN’s Jon Ryan, Cassidee Moser, and Casey DeFreitas. No spoilers, but there might be a bomb involved. Possibly also an adorable cat named Cheddar. Want to see more? Video highlights of the game can be found here, while an audio of the whole session can be downloaded here. Give it a listen and find out how the creator of the Cyberpunk RPG runs the game!

Witcher Roundup

A number of sites covered our announcement of The Witcher TRPG’s Gen Con debut! Among them:

  • RPG news site EN World shared the news with the tabletop gaming community, complete with a lively comment section! Across the Atlantic, Tabletop Gaming UK told the story to their audience.
  • On the video game side of the gamer population, PC World and Polygon (among others) carried the news.
  • It isn’t just the geeks, either! Indianapolis news site, IndyStar ran a story about the game as part of its coverage of Gen Con.
  • And, finally, if you’re interested in how news of the game is being handled in The Witcher’s home country, check out this article from CD-Action, the Polish geek news site.

Other Games

It isn’t just The Witcher TRPG and Cyberpunk getting mentions, either! Geek and Sundry’s Starter Kit blog ran a lovely article about RPGS which use cards instead of dice. Of course, Castle Falkenstein made the list. How could it not?

That’s it from the screamsheets for now! Stay safe on the streets.


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