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Keeping Up with the Pondsmiths

Gen Con fast approaches and we’re hard at work preparing for it and the release of The Witcher TRPG. In the meanwhile, here’s a bit of news to help you pass the time!

Q&A with Cody Pondsmith Tonight!

Cody Pondsmith, lead designer on The Witcher TRPG will be answering questions from host Dan Davenport and the audience on the #randomworlds IRC channel tonight at 5:30 Pacific/7:30 Central/8:30 Eastern.

To join the Q&A, click on and follow the instructions.

If you can’t make it, a log of the Q&A will be posted afterwards on the Hardboiled GMshoe’s Office.

Changes to our Gen Con Schedule

When we first set up our Gen Con schedule, we planned a seminar for four of our lines: CyberpunkMektonCastle Falkenstein, and Witcher. Unfortunately, circumstances have dictated a change. In some cases we had to make changes due to availability of bodies to run events and the booth at the same time. In other cases, changes were made by the convention. Some are new changes, some made earlier, but we wanted to be sure everyone knew. If you are in one of the following events, be sure to check your schedule.

  •  The “Official Mekton Seminar” on Thursday at 5pm is canceled. We aren’t abandoning Mekton fans, however. Instead, we’re going to open up time during the “What’s Coming Up for Castle Falkenstein” seminar on Friday at 5pm for questions and comments about Mekton. I know it isn’t the same as a whole seminar, but it is the seminar with the most seats open at the moment and, therefore, the best option we have available.
  • “Death in the Family”, a Witcher TRPG adventure, will run from 10am to 2pm on Thursday. The GM will be Tara Jones.
  • “Any Average Hunt, a Witcher TRPG adventure, will run from noon to 4pm on Thursday. The GM will be Cody Pondsmith.
  • “The Wives of Lord Manfred Ostrowski”, a Witcher TRPG adventure, will run from 11am to 3pm on Saturday. The GM will be Cody Pondsmith.
  • “Babbage’s Engine”, a Castle Falkenstein Adventure Entertainment, will run on Saturday from 10am to 2pm. The Host will by J Gray.
  • “Adventure and Intrigue in Steam Age Vienna”, a Castle Falkenstein Adventure Entertainment, will run on Saturday from 6pm to 10pm. The Host will be J Gray.

For a full list of R. Talsorian Games sponsored Gen Con events, click this link.

Christmas in July

Finally, DriveThruRPG has begun its annual “Christmas in July” sale! As a result, all of our digital titles are currently discounted 25% for the next 6 days (as of this blog posting). Now’s a fantastic time to complete your collection!

  • Need R. Talsorian titles on your screen?? Click here!
  • Interested in the Castle Falkenstein revival from Fat Goblin Games? Click here!
  • Curious about what Atlas Games produced for Cyberpunk 2020 back in the day? Click here! Or how about their Teenagers from Outer Space compatible RPG? That’s here!
  • What about adding a bit of strange and alternative horror to your Cyberpunk 2020 game? You can find that from Dream Pod 9 here! Meanwhile, their Mekton compatible version of Jovian Chronicles is here!
  • Need some paper miniatures from Precis Intermedia? Give this a click!
  • Love history? Designers and Dragons: the 80s gives a comprehensive history of RPG companies during the decade of seagulls and hair metal, complete with a chapter on R. Talsorian. That’s here! Mike wrote the forward to this one, by the way!
  • And want to see what games are possible using the Fuzion engine which is powering The Witcher TRPG? Click here for games from Archaia EntertainmentGold Rush GamesDilly Green Bean Games, and more!

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