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Meet the R. Talsorian Crew

We’re entering the weekend before Gen Con. Technically, the convention starts on Thursday the 2nd but the R. Talsorian Crew will arrive early in order to set up everything, which means we’re basically all packing now. In the meanwhile, we thought folks might like an introduction to the team who will be attending Gen Con. It’ll help but names to faces and know who is doing what. Plus, we get to show off how pretty we all are.

All photos (except the terrible selfie of J Gray) were taken by company media specialist Tara Jones.

mikeMike Pondsmith

Appearing as a Mild Mannered Game Designer, Mike Pondsmith is in reality a Time Lord from the Far Future, here to warn all of us of a reality involving Giant Robots, cyber-enhanced Boostergangers, and an Invasion of Teenagers From Outer Space. When not involved in his day job of Saving The Future of Humanity, he can also be found in the nearest gravel pit, digging up million year old dead things with waaaay too many teeth and claws. He calls this relaxation.

LisaLisa Pondsmith

This year is Lisa Pondsmith’s 40th year as a role-player. She has been the business side of R. Talsorian pretty much since the beginning of the company and cannot think of anything she’d rather do than work in the game industry with her family. She occasionally writes for Talsorian. Her last three years have been a solid Witcher fest and she has delighted in writing Brandon of Oxenfurt at his snarky best. Oh, and she has the distinction of getting through a Mike Pondsmith Cyberpunk campaign as a Solo in jean and sneakers.

CodyCody Pondsmith

Cody Pondsmith joined R. Talsorian Games years ago, entering in the deep dark depth of the mail room and working his way up from the bottom all the way to the prestigious position of General Manager. Tutored by his father, Mike Pondsmith, Cody was well prepared to take on the task of heading the Witcher TRPG, a project he’s sunk his very heart into! Now Cody is eager to break out this year and show the world what he’s capable of!

TaraTara Jones

Tara Jones is the company photographer. Tara has been with R. Talsorian for several years, doing event photography and portraits. During her free time, you’ll find Tara min-maxing and terrorizing GMs. She is friendly, passionate and ambitious. Tara is an avid traveler, a dabbler in crafts, and a taste tester for her husband’s homemade cuisine.

AronAron Tarbuck

Aron Tarbuck has joined in the last couple of years and provides Marketing & Development for R. Talsorian Games. A long time veteran of industry, he has worked for Wizards Of The Coast, written for White Wolf Publishing, and published such games as Unhallowed Metropolis. When not found buried beneath piles of esoteric research, he (and his trusted feline companion) keep the eldritch horrors at bay…

JJ Gray

Despite the selfie shown here, there’s little proof J Gray is not an artificial intelligence designed to interact with R. Talsorian customers and the press in the capacity of Media Ambassador. Some rumors suggest he is not an AI but a creature from Beyond the Faerie Veil, which might explain his work developing and transcribing material for the revival of Castle Falkenstein for Fat Goblin Games.

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