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Straight from the Screamsheets 7/27/2018

Its the weekend before Gen Con but that doesn’t stop the internet! Here’s some highlights about R. Talsorian Games from around the web.

The Headline

Johnny Chiodini of Eurogamer has released the second in his video series comparing character creation in what he’s seen from Cyberpunk 2077 with Cyberpunk 2020. This week, he’s looking at augmentations (that’s cyberware to you and me, choomba!). Watch the video to the end to hear a special announcement concerning Cyberpunk 2020!

If you prefer the written word, Mister Chiodini has also typed up his thoughts to share as an article over on the Eurogamer site.

The Witcher News

The big The Witcher TRPG news this week involves lead designer Cody Pondsmith’s Q&A session on the #randomworlds IRC channel. A full transcript of the two-plus hour session has been posted over on The Hardboiled GMShoe’s Office. If you want a preview of what’s going to be inside the book, this is the single best place to check so far!

Cyberpunk 2020 News

  • Cyberpunk 2020 received a nice mention in an article on a suggested reading list while waiting for the 2077 video game  from GamerRevolution along with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Akira, and others.
  • Over on Consuming Cyberpunk game designer and writer Fraser Simons explores the relationship between posthumanist fashion and the cost of humanity in Cyberpunk 2020.

Other Games and News

  • Pop Culture Evolved’s Brook H. paid tribute to the roleplaying designers of color, starting with our very own Mike Pondsmith.
  • Meanwhile, over at, Endzeitgeist’s exploration of the Fat Goblin Games revival of Castle Falkenstein continues with reviews of Curious CreaturesFirearms and Margarine, and Babbage’s Engine.

That’s all for now but expect quite a bit of excitement coming from the screamsheets next weekend! Stay safe on the streets!

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