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Ask Us Your Questions About Witcher!

Cody Pondsmith, lead designer for The Witcher TRPG, will  be appearing on the Gen Con livestream on Friday, 8/3, from 6 to 7pm EST. The video will, of course, be available afterwards for you to watch.

To that end, we’re soliciting questions for Cody about Witcher in advance! If there’s a question you want him to answer about the game, please send us a comment in response to this post. We don’t promise to get to every question but we’ll do our best!

6 thoughts on “Ask Us Your Questions About Witcher! Leave a comment

  1. hi there,
    do you have any idea, when will the Witcher`s pdf be released to buy?
    joao claudio from RJ,BRAZIL

  2. Being Taught p. 59

    Does being taught not require I.P.?
    *”Your GM decides the length of time; usually lessons give 1-5 I.P. each.”* Each day? Hour? Session?

    Thank you and more power to you

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