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Gen Con Check In. WEDNESDAY!!!

Hello from the Crossroads of America, Indianapolis!

Mike, Lisa, Cody, Tara, Aron, and J arrived last night and, luckily, so did our packages! We’ve set up the booth in record time and are prepping to run a few Wednesday games. With that in mind, we have a couple of announcements to make concerning the coming week!

  • The Witcher TRPG will be on sale first thing tomorrow morning. We might sell out quickly but we do have more on the way. I will post here and on Facebook when we are sold out for good!
  • If you want The Witcher TRPG in a digital version, copies of it will go up for sale on DriveThruRPG on Friday, August 3rd. Price point still being decided.
  • We previously announced the Mekton seminar was canceled. That has changed! We listened and agree fans of the original giant mech RPG deserve a chance to talk about it in a dedicated space. Schedules have been shuffled. Peoplepower has been freed. Therefore, it is still on for Thursday, 8/2 at 5pm in Lucus Oil Meeting Room 2. There are plenty of open seats.

Stop by our booth (#1752) and say hello! We’ll be thrilled to meet you and maybe you’ll get a Pondsmith to sign one of your books.


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  1. Before I get a copy off DrivthruRPG I am curious whether there will be a physical book + PDF bundle?

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