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From the Screamsheets 8/11/2018

After a week off for GenCon, From the Screamsheets returns. As expected, the debut of The Witcher TRPG has the spotlight this time around as we look at where R. Talsorian Games is being mentioned in the news and on the blogs.

Roll for Crit

YouTube channel Roll for Crit released a great video from the convention floor, talking about The Witcher Table-Top RPG.

More Witcher

The team at Roll for Crit weren’t the only ones chatting up The Witcher TRPG!

A Different Sort of Witcher Video

Also on YouTube, WitcherGeorge used The Witcher TRPG as an official lore source to provide an update on the six witcher schools. As much as we appreciate our game being played, we also love the idea of witcher fans across the world using our RPG to better understand a beloved property.

Other R. Talsorian Notes

Just because it was a big week for The Witcher TRPG doesn’t mean the rest of R. Talsorian Games was ignored by the internet!

  • Want some more insight into the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red? Our founder, Mike Pondsmith, spoke with Polygon and offers his thoughts on playing the game in first person as well as the inherent political nature of the genre of cyberpunk. In his own words: “Morality is cyberpunk”.
  • Ground Punch is doing an actual play of Cyberpunk 2020. You can catch episode one here and episode two here.

That’s all for now. If you’re on the streets, stay safe choomba! If you’re on the Continent, keep your blades sharp!

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