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Witcher Coming Into Focus

After our initial release of The Witcher TRPG, many of you were helpful in asking questions and pointing out errors, both of which will help us tune up the book. In fact, the process has already begun! Here’s the current roadmap forward.

  1. I’ve taken your questions and created a full list for Cody and Lisa to answer. Duplicate questions were removed from the queue to make the process easier.
  2. Cody and Lisa have worked their way through the questions to figure out answers. Rough drafts have been written, which will be tuned up for precision and clarity.
  3. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be posting answers to your questions/concerns in batches of 5 to 10. New answers will be posted either every day or every other day as schedules warrant. If there’s ever a need for a longer break between posts due to holidays or other factors, I’ll make a post and let people know. Questions about rules will receive priority over questions or concerns about lore.
  4. As we finish up with these questions, we will also work on updating the PDF version of The Witcher TRPG and creating an errata for those people who have purchased or received a copy of the physical book. The new PDF will be uploaded to DriveThruRPG. All those who purchased the PDF will receive a notice and be able to download the new version at no cost. The errata will be added to the download section here for anyone to download as needed.

We want to thank each of you who has purchased the book, each of you who has asked questions, and each of you who has shared their excitement and love of this new game with us. We know we can make the game but we also know we need all of you to play it.

Keep your blades sharp!

J Gray

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  1. When will the physical book be available for purchase (for those of us who couldn’t make GenCon)?

    • Still working on an exact date. Long story short, after E3 and the debut of the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer we were caught off guard. We went from having an order flow we could easily handle ourselves in house to one which we struggled with. We don’t want to make that mistake with Witcher so we’re working to make sure we have a system in place which can support the level of orders we’re expecting for the book.

  2. My apologies if I have over looked it, but do we ask questions here or is there a location to go to ask questions? Thanks!

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